Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Name Of Zachariah

It's been a while since I have done a ( First Name ) page, so I decided to do one this time around. All the information will come from the ( Library of Congress. )  As there are so many names here I will not give any information here.  To help you decide which name you would like information on I have given a little lead so you can decide if it's the right name your looking for.  You will also notice a date beside the name, this date is when the imformation was reported and (Not the date of the event.)  This information will be in the form of Bill's, Nominations, Claims, Petitions or may be one line of information.  Some of this information is very little, however it may give information you didn't have and may give you a new place to start a new research.
If you see a name you like write to the following.

1. Zachariah Cox, Arrested, 1803.  These info is very large.
2. Zachariah Pettijohn, Land Claim, 1870.
3. Zachariah Jellison, Land Claim, Imports, 1842.
4. Zachariah Lawrence, Ohio, 1844.
5. Zachariah McGirth, Land Claim, 1834.
6. Zachariah Simmons, Tennessee, Pension, 1846.
7. Zachariah Taylor, Promoted, 1838.
8. Zachariah B. Booke.
9. ZachariahStevens, Promoted, 1803.
10. Zachariah Mackubbin, Baltimore Town, 1777.
11. Zachariah Rowland, Surveyor, 1790.
12. Zachariah E. Thomas, Marshal, 1871.
13. ZachariahWalker, 1847.
14. Zachariah Rhodes, Surveyor, 1790.
15. Zachariah Holland, 1838.
16. Zachariah Allen, 1794.
17. Zachariah W. Nixon, Navy, 1820.
18. Zachariah Campbell, 1777.
19. Zachariah S. Conger, Promoted, 1814.
20. Zachariah M'Girt, Indians, 1816.
21. Zachariah Schoomaker, Army, 1820.
22. Zachariah Dowety, War, 1791.
23. Zachariah F. Johnston, Navy, 1828.
24. Zachariah Sims, Land Claim, 1830.
25. Zachariah Poor, Land Claim, 1847.
26. Zachariah Sherwood, Pension, 1832.
27. Zachariah Roberts, Militia, 1814.

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