Monday, January 21, 2013

Kentucky, C. S. A., soldiers who drowned

This is a short list of kentucky men who drowned.

A. J. Taylor, Private, Sergeant, 9th., Kentucky Cavalry, Company B., enlisted September 15, 1862, from Carlisle.  Drowned in Licking River, April 1, 1862, on Cluke's raid to Mt. sterling, kentucky.

W. S. McKinnet, 3rd., Corporal, 9th., Kentucky Cavalry, Company E., enlisted september, 1861, from Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Drowned in Drake's Creek, kentucky, 1862.

George T. Hardin, Private, 9th., Kentucky Cavalry, Company E., enlisted July 15, 1862, from georgetown, Kentucky.  Drowned in Ohio River, 1863.

John A. Warfield, Private, 9th., Kentucky, Cavalry, Company E., enlisted september 1, 1861.  Drowned in Ohio river, 1863.

Maston Risner, Private, 12th., Kentucky Cavalry, Company E., enlisted October, 1863, from McKinzie, Tennessee.  Drowned on his way home after the surrender.

G. L. Bacon, Private, 15th., Kentucky Cavalry, Company A., enlisted January 10, 1863, from Mt. Pleasent.  Drowned in Duck river, march 3, 1863.

Robert McDonald, Private, 15th., Kentucky cavalry, company A., enlisted january 26, 1863, from Charlotte.  Drowned near cleveland, Tennessee.  november 22, 1863.

W. H. Pendleton, Private, 15th., kentucky cavalry, Company a., enlisted december 9, 1862, from williamsport, tennessee.  Drowned in Duck River, May 3, 1863.

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