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Names Of The Wisconsin Cavalry.

The men on this list I picked because of their interesting name  or information.  It is also noted that these men were under "Enlistedmen," and no rank was given in their remarks so I gave them the rank of "Private", which in some cases may be in error.

Wisconsin First Cavalry.

Private Horace S, Chase, Company A., mustered in August 15, 1861.  Wounded in right thigh and neck, at Dandridge, Tennessee, January 17, 1864; absent wounded, at mustered out of regiment.

Private Thomas Pratton, Company B., mustered in August 20, 1861.  Drowned June 4, 1863, Cumberland River, Eddyville, kentucky.

Private Richard Hill, Company E., mustered in October 31, 1961.  Drowned in L'Angville River, Arkansas, July 31, 1862.

Private Ottis Pasko, Company E., mustered in September 15, 1861.  Drowned July 19, 1862, at Wittsburg Arkansas.

Private Ludwig Wurl, Company F., Residence Ellington, mustered in September 28, 1864.  Died on Hospital steamer "Jennie Hopkins," July 4, 1865; buried Quincy, Illinois.

Private John Slingerland, Company L., Redisence Madison, mustered in December 2, 1863.  Prisoner June 6, 1864, Bgshanty, Ga., died August 10, 1864, Andersonville, Ga., of disease.

Private Frederick Rollo, Company B., Residence WAlworth, mustered in August 26, 1861.  Died September 28, 1862, on steamer "Sunshine", from Helena Arkansas to Cape Girardeau.

Private Jona Fuller, Company F., Residence Pr. du Chien, mustered in October 18, 1864.  Died on Hospt. steamer "Jennie Hopkins,",July 3, 1865, buried St. Louis Missouri.

Wisconsin Second Cavalry.

Private John H. Laton, Company B., mustered in April 11, 1863.  Missing in action September 25, 1863, at Red Bone Church, Mississippi.

Private Cornelius Wilbor, Company B., Residence La Crosse county, mustered in October 24, 1861.  Drowned in Missouri River, May 17, 1862.

Private Robert Murry, Company E., Residence Caledoma, mustered in September 10, 1861.  Died January 1, 1863, on steamer "Emma Duncan."

Private Charles Mueller, Company H., Residence Milwaukee, mustered in November 2, 1861.  Died September 4, 1863, on steamer "Sam. Gaty."

Private William Scheoma, Company H., mustered in February 25, 1862.  Killed on Railroad, March 23, 1862.

Private Edwin Marlett, Company K., Residence Madison, mustered in June 1, 1863.  Killed May 26, 1864, by guerillas, near Rolla, Missouri.

Private Ernest Pauline, Company K., Residence Fountain City, mustered in January 16, 1864.  Died June 12, 1864, on Hospital Steamer "H. W. Thomas."

Private Smith Weisner, Company M., Residence Janesville, mustered in December 29, 1863.  Died July 29, 1864, Vicksburg, Accinental injuries.

Private Aaron E. Hazen, Company C., Residence Eastman, mustered in October 29, 1864.  Died August 13, 1865, on steamer "January."

Wisconsin Third Cavalry.

Private Charles Briggs, Company A., Residence Adrian, mustered in October 8, 1862.  Killed in a Railroad accident March 26, 1862.

Private Josiah Davis Company A., Residence Sparta, mustered in October 7, 1861.  Killed by guerrillas, August 31, 1863, at Little Osage, Missouri.

Private William Davis Company A., Residence Roaring Creek, mustered in October 13, 1861.  From Co. G., Killed in Railroad accident March 26, 1862.

Private Charles D. Hatch, Company A., Residence Burns, mustered in October 8, 1861.  Killed in Railroad accident March 26, 1862.

Private John McCarta, Company A., Residence Banger, mustered in October 29, 1861.  Killed in Railroad accidentMarch 26, 1862.

Private Horace Ralph, Company C., Residence Kingston, mustered in November 29, 1861.  Sentenced by Gen. Court Mar. to 5 years imprisonment for forteiture of pay and allowances.

Private Robert Armstrong, Company E., Residence Walworth, mustered in December 16, 1864.  Died December 10, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Accidenial Gun Shot Wound.

Private Charles F. Batchelder, Company E., Residence Fort Atkinson, mustered in February 23, 1862.  Killed by accident, January 4, 1864, Milton Junet, Wisconsin.

Private John H. Robinson, Company E., Residence Leavenworth Kansas, mustered in August 14, 1862.  Killed by guerillas, July 8, 1863, near Bailtown Missouri.

Private John S. Russell, Company F., Residence Leavenworth Kansas, mustered in June 1, 1862.  Killedby guerillas near Clarkville Arkansas.

Private George R. Kelley, Company F., Residence Baraboo, mustered in January 1, 1862.  Killed by guerillas, October 10, 1863, Balltown, Wisconsin.

Private Delos Dennison, Company H., Residence Fulton, mustered in April 1, 1862.  Supposed to have drowned in the Mississippi River, May 13, 1862.

Private George Barrington, Company I., Residence Oconto, mustered in November 18, 1861.  Drowned in Lighting Creek, C. N., June 4, 1863.

Private John Prickett, Company I., Residence Appleton, mustered in June 3, 1862.  Killed by lightning while on Picket, 1862, Fort Scott Kansas.

Private Conrad Stegmann, Company K., Residence Portland, mustered in August 21, 1862.  KilledApril 14, 1862, wwhile carrying dispatches, Arkansas.

Private Andrew Johnson, Company L., Residence Fort Scott, Kansas, mustered in October 16, 1862.  Killed by accident July 29, 1863.

Private William Closson, Company M., Residence Boscobel, mustered in January 21, 1862.  Killed by Accident September 15, 1862, Fort Scott, Kansas.

Conrad Kirst, Company M., Residence Milwaukee, mustered in January 9, 1862.  Killed by accident October 5, 1862, Fort Scott Kansas.

Wisconsin Fourth Cavalry.

Private Wallace C. Innis, Company B., Residence Rosendal, mustered in December 11, 1863.  Lost at sea, December 22, 1864.  On the way to a Northern Hospital.

Private Albert Rosebrook, Company B., Residence St. Marie, mustered in May 19, 1861.  Killed September 8, 1863, Baton Rouge, La., while on picket.

Private Frank Dawes, Company D., Residence Necedah, mustered in May 1, 1861.  Killed by guerillas, near Port Hudson, La.

Private William Manes, Company D., Residence Necedah, mustered in May 1, 1861.  Wounded at Port Hudson,  June 14, 1863.  Killed October 23, 1863at Baton Rouge, La., by Provost Guard.

Private Alexander McIntire, Company H., Residence Stiles, mustered in May 16, 1861.  Killed April 2, 1864, at Baton Rouge, La., by Provost Guard.

Private Louis Kamm, Company L., Residence Mequon, mustered in March 22, 1864.  Lost at sea, from U. S. Transport "North America."

Private William Thompson, Company A., Residence Erin Prairie, mustered in February 24, 1864.  From Co. G., Died August 12, 1865, from sunstroke on Hospt. steamer.

Private John A. Patton, Company M., Residence Lowell, mustered in February 20, 1864.  Died July 1, 1865, on Steamer "D. A. January."

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