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Wisconsin Soldiers Who Died On Steamers..

Frederick C. Rollo, First Cavalry, Co. B., Residence Walworth, mustered in August 2661.  Died September 28, 1862, on steamer "Sunshine," from Helena Arkansas to Cape Girardeau.

Jonas Fuller, First Cavalry, Co. F., Residence Pr. du Chien, mustered in October 18, 1864.  Died on Hospt. steamer "Jennie Hopkins," July 3, 1865.  Buried St. Louis Missouri.

Aaron E. Hazen, Second Cavalry, Co. C., Residence Eastman, mustered in October 29, 1864.  Died August 13, 1865.  On steamer "January."

Martin Gassert, Second Cavalry, Co. H., Residence Lacrosse, mustered in February 17, 1862.  Veteran; died August 13, 1855.  On Hospt. steamer "D. A. January."

Oscar A. Dunbar, Second Cavalry Co. L., Residence Frankport, mustered in December 10, 1861 Corp.; died December 28, 1862.  On board Hospt. steamer.

Ernest T. Pauline, Second Cavalry, Co. L., Residence Fountain City, mustered i January 16, 1861.  Died June 12, 1864, on Hospt. steamer "H. W. Thomas."

William Thompson, Fourth Cavalry, Co. A., Residence Erin Prairie, mustered in February 24, 1864.  From Co. G., died August 12, 1865.  From Sunstroke, on Hospt. steamer.

John Hoffman, Fourth Cavalry, Co. H., Residence Stiles, mustered in May 21, 1861.  Veteran, Corp.; Sergeant; Wounded June 14, 1863, at Port Hudson; lost at sea December 29, 1864, on U. S. Steamer "North America."

John H. Patton, Fourth Cavalry, Co. M., Residence Lowell, mustered in February 27, 1864.  Died July 1, 1865.  On steamer "D. A. January."

Authors Note:  The above names were taken from my last post called; Name of Wisconsin Cavalry The following names are new.

Charles F. Bennett, First Heavy Artillery, Co. D., Residence Monroe, mustered in September 29, 1863.  Died on steamer "Diana," September 28, 1864.

Erastus Ely, First Heavy Artillery, Co. D., Residence Monroe, mustered in September 18, 1863.  Died February 6, 1864.  On steamer "Julia," Island No. 65.

Abram Hendrickson, Eleventh Infantry, Co. E., Residence Reedsburg, Mustered in September 16, 1861.  Wounded at Black River Bridge.  Died August 26, 1863.  On steamer "Renford, " of disease.

Peter Knudson, Eleventh Infantry, Co. E., Residence Moscow, mustered in March 14, 1865.  Drafted; died July 25, 1865, on board steamer "Durand."

James Law, Eleventh Infantry, Co. G., Residence Mazomanie, mustered in March 18, 1862.  Enlisted September 11, 1861; Sergeant, First Sergeant.  Wounded Vicksburg.  Died June 5, 1863, on steamer "Champioa," from wounds.

Fernando C. Woods, Tweleth Infantry, Co. B., Residence Ironton, mustered in September 2, 1861.  Died July 18, 1863.  On steamer "Nashville," of disease.

Naman Blandin, Tweleth Infantry, Co. K., Residence Madison, mustered in August 15, 1862.  Died January 16, 1864.  On steamer "Planet," of disease.

Milo Nulett, Thirteenth Infantry, Co. B., Residence Packwaukee, mustered in December 31, 1864.  Drafted.  Died August 11, 1865.  On board U. S. Hospt. steamer "January," of disease.

Ludwing Krueger, Thirteentn Infantry Infantry, Co. E., Residence Maple Grove, mustered in December 29, 1864.  Drafted.  Died August 14, 1865, on Hospt. steamer"January."

Thomas Morgan, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. B., Residence Rural, Mustered in September 21, 1861.  Wounded in action at Shiloh.  Died April 7, 1862, on steamer "Tycoon," of wound.

Christian Jackson, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. D., Residence Onalaska, mustered in December 23, 1863.  Died April 4, 1863, on steamer "Lady Gray," of disease.

Chistian Swineson, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. D., mustered in November 27, 1863.  Died May29, 1864, on board steamer near Memphis.

Salathiel E. Morrison, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. F., Residence Pepere, Mustered in Cotober 12, 1861.  Died April 31, 1862, on Hospt. steamer of disease.

Garret W. Gassink, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. G., Residence Holland, mustered in December 1, 1864.  Died June 28, 1865, on Hospt. Steamer "D. A. January."

John Butler, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. H., Residence Marsfield, mustered in September 17, 1861.  Died May 4, 1862, on steamer "Louisiana," of disease.

Daniel D. Hammon, Fourteenth Infantry, Co. H., Residence Lima, mustered in December 19, 1861.  Died May 29, 1862, on Hospt. steamer "Stephen Decatur," of disease.

Thomas W. Whitmore, Fourteenth, Infantry, Co. I., mustered in January 4, 1864.  Died on steame "Pringle," of disease.

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