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Amandus L. Bush.

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Amandus L. Bush.

Birth: 1833
Death: October 25, 1914.
Burial: Oak Hill Memorial Park, Escondido, San Diego county California.

The following is taken from the 33rd., Illinois, Regimental History.

First Lieut. Amandus L. Bush was an officer full of good nature and enterprise. He was inclined to take things as they came without complaining, which is an excellent characteristic of a soldier. Bush was always ready to share his last dollar and only cracker with any soldier, and if the good wishes of his comrades are worth anything, his chickens will all lay golden eggs. He is in the poultry business in Escondido, California.

Amandus L. Bush, First Lieutenant, Company C., 33rd., Illinois Infantry, Residence Bloomington, Service, December 27, 1863 through December 7, 1865.  Discharged with Regiment. Veteran.


Name: BUSH, AMANDUS L Rank: SGT Company: C Unit: 33 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics Residence: BLOOMINGTON, MCLEAN CO, IL Age: 28 Height: 5' 10 1/2 Hair: BLACK Eyes: HAZEL Complexion: DARK Marital Status: MARRIED Occupation: TINNER Nativity: PA Service Record Joined When: AUG 15, 1861 Joined Where: BLOOMINGTON, IL Joined By Whom: EDWARD R ROE Period: 3 YRS Muster In: AUG 22, 1861 Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL Remarks: PROMOTED 2LT

Second Lieutenant.

Service Record Joined When: JUL 3, 1863 Joined Where: NEAR VICKSBURG, MS Joined By Whom: LT MEINHOLD Period: 3 YRS Muster In: JUL 3, 1863 Muster In Where: NEAR VICKSBURG, MS Remarks: PROMOTED 1LT

First Lieutenant.

Service Record Joined When: MAY 13, 1864 Joined Where: NEW ORLEANS, LA Joined By Whom: CPT DERUSSY Period: 3 YRS Muster In: MAY 13, 1864 Muster In Where: NEW ORLEANS, LA Muster Out: NOV 24, 1865 Muster Out Where: VICKSBURG, MS Muster Out By Whom: LT ROZIENE Remarks: None

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John Simlett said...

Hi Dennis.

I'm sorry to change the subject on your blog but I found you from a posting you made in 11 May 2011, reference the 'Figurehead' of the 'Chesapeake'.

I served a five year apprenticeship and a year as a journeyman (1953 - 1959) in Sheerness Dockyard, Kent, England. Not only were the figureheads of both the Chesapeake and the Shannon displayed in the dockyard, but my father-in-law was tasked periodically with repainting them!

I am at the moment attempting to draw a series of ships that are central to the history of the US - and have just completed the 'Susan Constant'.

I also have a particular interest in the use of 'balloons' used by the US military during the Civil War.

I've become a follower, hope you don't mind - your blog is fascinating!