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Levi Cassity, Tenth Illinois Cavalry.

Levi Cassity.

Name: CASSITY, LEVI. Rank: PVT. Company: B. Unit: 10 IL US CAV. Personal Characteristics. Residence: AUBURN, SANGAMON CO, IL. Age: 26. Height: 5' 11. Hair: SANDY. Eyes: GRAY. Complexion: LIGHT. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: IL. Service Record. Joined When: SEP 20, 1861. Joined Where: BERLIN, IL. Joined By Whom: MAJ J S SMITH. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: NOV 25, 1861. Muster In Where: CAMP BUTLER, IL. Remarks: DISCHARGED DEC 31, 1862 FOR DISABILITY.

The following was taken from the history of the Union Indian Brigade.

Battle of Prairie Grove.

To further strengthen his advance while forming his brigade in line of battle, Colonel Wickersham sent to its support a section of two-pounder steel howitzers attached to the Tenth Illinois Cavalry, under Corporal Levi Cassity. On proceeding down the road the Corporal passed a short distance beyond the line of the advance Federal squadrons with his howitzers when a Confederate force less than one hundred yards off fired a volley at him, wounded him in the arm severely, killed one of his horses and wounded the other. After this mishap the men in charge of the other gun fell back rapidly with it to the main column, then form ing in line and unlimbering, sent several rounds of canister into the Confederate force, causing it to retire into the timber. At the favorable moment, Lieutenant J. M. Simeral, First Iowa Cavalry, took twenty men, rescued the abandoned howitzer and Corporal Cassity, who had remained with it, and brought them back into the Federal line.

The follwing was taken from the official records.
Part of a report of Colonel Dudley Wickersham, tenth, Illinois Cavlary.

At this juncture a section of the 2-pounder howitzers was ordered to their support; ere they arrived, their movements being characterized with no delay, the enemy had fallen back some 150 yards. The howitzers proceeded some 100 yards down the road in advance of my forces, and there received a terrible fire from the enemy, wounding Corpl. Levi Cassity, of Company B, Tenth Illinois Cavalry, destroying one of his arms, and Private E. McCarty, of Company G, of same regiment, both belonging to the front gun, the former in command thereof Corporal Cassity's horse attached to the gun wounded. The others, beholding this, feel back with the remaining gun to the head of the column, then at Marr's house, and opened into the enemy's ranks with several rounds of canister, killed 30 men.Finding at this time that our infantry was hotly engaging the enemy from a position a short distance in my front, from an open meadow adjacent to a corn-field on my left, I left with my command to support them; when, just before reaching them, I received your ordered to given way to the left, to permit your battery to come to their relief, and your fur their order to support said battery. Just prior to these changes, Lieutenant -- (name unable to learn), with 20 men from Companies L and M, First Iowa Cavalry, volunteered to rescue the missing upon-a perilous task, speedily and meritoriously accomplished. The enemy had not taken it from the field, having been driven back immediately, subsequent to delivering their fire upon it, by the galling fire of my howitzer. Here an individual act of heroism became known, and is worthy of mention, namely, Corporal Cassity was still with the gun, having refused to desert it.

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