Sunday, February 17, 2013

Colonel George Denison.

Colonel George Denison, born in Stonington, Conn., came from there to Hartland about 1780. He was a sergeant in Captain Elias Weld's Hartland company of militia and went with his company to Royalton on the alarm; also "to Orford on the alarm" under Lieutenant Daniel Spooner. He was the first settler on the farm owned now by Edwin Slayton. It was sold to Truman L. Slayton in 1864 by Henry C. Denison, Esq., a grandson, now of New Bedford, Mass. 'Squire Denison was a prosperous farmer well supplied with this world's goods, and it seemed a pleasure to him to assist freely out of his abundance those neighbors less fortunate. To the sick and distressed he proved himself to be a kind, sympathising, and helpful neighbor and friend. The Census of 1790 shows Colonel Denison the head of a family of eleven.

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