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Simon Hardy, Mass. prisoner of war.

Simon Hardy.

Born around 1835
Death; 1885, Natick, massachusetts.

I don't have any family information here, but then it's more about his service in the civil War.  However if any one has any information about him I would like to hear about it. 

Although his name was spelled Simon, on the mustere rolls it was spelled [ Simeon ].

Thirty-Ninth, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Co. I.

Simon or Simeon, Age 27, mustered August 25, 1862; Cordwainer, Natick; prisoner August 8, 1864 to march 1, 1865.  Mustered out July 20, 1865, died 1885, Natick, Massachusetts.

Simon gives his statement on beindg a prisoner of war.

I was a Corporal of Co. I., Thirty-Ninth Massachusetts Volunteers.  Was captured on the Weldon railroad August 19, 1864, and was a prisoner seven months.  Was marched to Richmond, where we were stripped naked and searched for valuables, which were all taken from us.  Was kept at Bell Isle four weeks.  The allowance of food was enfirely too small when issued, and was often withheld on the slightest pretext.  Was taken to Salisburg in freight car packed to their utmost capacity. 

Was kept in the open air three months.  Were without bread or meat of any kind very frequently, having nothing but a pint of soup.  The place was commanded by Major Gee.  I suffered everthing possible, except death, for food, shelter, and clothing; when released I was attacked by a fearful sickness, caused by ill-treatment while a prisoner, from which I have never fully recovered.

Men were shot dead with the slightest provocation.  Five thousand and forty-six men died at this prison in five months.  They died by scores every day, and were carried out as logs of wood, piled on a wagon like dead hogs, and buried in a continuous ditch.
Signed, Simon Hardy, Natick, Massachusetts, October 27, 1867.

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