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Oliver Ormsby Gregg Robinson

The following information was taken from the history of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.

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Oliver Ormsby Gregg Robinson: Born in Pennsylvania; appointed from Army. Captain Third Pennsylvania Cavalry August 17, 1861 ; Major December 11, 1862; Honorably discharged August 24, 1864; Private and Sergeant Troop C, First Cavalry, December 7, 1864, to March 30, 1865; Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant Second Cavalry March 12, 1865 ; Captain June 9, 1868 ; Transferred to Supernumerary List August 10, 1870 ; Honorably discharged November i, 1870, at his own request.

Some of the company commanders were allowed to make special choice of color for their horses. Company G, Captain Robinson, had secured all black, and it was known as the "Black Horse Company."

Major O. O. G. Robinson, of the Third, arrived at the scene of action, being on his way to visit the pickets as "Field officer of the Day.'' As soon as he met the retreating column he halted in the road and by almost superhuman efforts succeeded in halting and rallying some seventy-five men, whom he formed in line fronting the enemy, and delivered a terrible volley into them, checking their advance completely. They returned the volley, when Major Robinson ordered and led a charge on them. Before reaching their line his horse was shot under him, and his men fell back in confusion, rampling the Major and bruising him considerably. He immediately got on his feet, and waving his sabre rallied them, and mounting a riderless horse led them again in a charge on the enemy. His charge was entirely successful, killing two, wounding four, and taking prisoner a captain and two privates. He thoroughly routed them, and followed them over a mile, holding his advantage until reinforcements arrived.

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Major Robinson is seated center, or third from left.

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