Friday, March 01, 2013

William W. Webber, third U. S. Colored Cavalry.

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Captain W. W. Webber, commissioned October, 1863, mustered out with regiment.  Sergeant and Lieutenant, fourth Illinois Cavalry, September 1861 to October, 1863, wounded in action.

Here are a few note about Captain Webber taken from the regimental history of the U. S. Third Colored Cavalry.

In this charge, Captain Webber and Lieutenant Matthews led their company into the thickest of the fray, where they fought hand to hand, using revolvers and saibres, and when Captain Webber fell, wounded, his men seemed frenzied, and with a yell swept everything before them.

"Soon after leaving Ashley, Captain Webber was taken suddenly ill, and being unable to ride his horse an old carryall was procured for him to ride in, but w'hen the fighting commenced he mounted his horse, and took command of his company, saying that he could not fight worth a cent in a wagon.

The horse captured by Lieutenant Calais proved to be the property of Captain Lusk of the Confederate army, and commander of the opposing force.  The horse was turned over to Captain Webber, who rode him
imtil the close of the war. The horse was christened "Lusk," and was so called bv everv one in the battalion

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