Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thomas J. Morris, 56th., Ohio Infantry.

Thomas J.Morris.

Birth; 1843.
Death: May 4, 1864, Red river. Panishh, Louisiana.
Burial; Horeb Cemetery, Oak Hill, Jackson County, Ohio.

Civil War Record.

Thomas J. Morris, ''Tom'', Musician ''Drummer, '' Age 18, Enlisted October 30, 1861, in the 56th., Ohio infantry, for 3 years.  Killed May 4, 1864, by Rebel Sharpshooter while on board steamer John Warner on Red river La., Veteran.

The following is taken from the 56th., Regimental History.

At 1 o'clock p. m., and in one of these attacks they killed Tom Morris of Company C, our former brave drummer boy, who, in 1862, in back of Memphis, took the arms and equipments of the fellow who was afraid, and carried them to a good purpose to this eventful day, when, in his daring recklessness, he disdained the good protection afforded by the cotton bales, and stood up fully exposed and fired at the enemy, who lay behind the levee. He was shot through the brain, and in his death a mere boy, that he was, the Union lost one of its bravest defenders.


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