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Arthur Peronneau Ford

Arthur Peronneau Ford.

Birth: Apr. 12, 1843.
Death: Feb. 15, 1910.

Parents: Frederick A. Ford (1805 - 1880), Rose Butler Drayton Ford (1806 - 1886).

Wife: Marion Johnston Porcher Ford (1848 - 1907).

Children: Louise Petigru Ford (1876 - 1943), Marianna Ford (1877 - 1965).

Burial: Saint Thaddeus Cemetery, Aiken, Aiken County, South Carolina.

Civil War. 
Arthur Peronneau Ford, Private, Manigault's Battalion, South Carolina Artillery, Company: A
A Short from his book called ( Life in the Confederate Army ). 
p. 50-51,  There I stood unprotected in the open, but not many minutes before I was struck full in the middle of my body and knocked down to a sitting posture. My blanket was rolled in a tight roll, not over three inches thick, and being of course on my left shoulder, and across my body downwards to the right, had saved my life. The ball had passed through the roll, and striking a button on my jacket had stopped, and as I dropped it fell down, flattened out of all shape. I lay on the ground for a few moments, paralyzed by the blow, and I recollect hearing a comrade, who received a bullet through the brain only a few moments after- wards, call out, "Ford's killed." I gathered myself back into a sitting posture and replied, "No, I'm not. I think I'm all right." But the pain was intense, as every boy knows who in a boxing bout gets a lick in "the short wind." In a few moments I was back again on my feet, and resumed my place in line, although suffering considerable pain and nausea. For some time after I carried on my body a black and blue spot the size of a dollar.

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