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Jeremiah Penno Bezely


Sergeant Jebehiah Penno Bezely, son of Edward and Almira E. King Bezely, was born in Providence, R. L, Aug. 16, 1836. When eight years of age he commenced to work in a mill, and, because of the death of his father, continued in that employment until he was thirteen when he shipped in the merchant marine. He doubled Cape Horn and visited most of the countries and large islands of the South Pacific. Returning safely to his native city he tarried but for a brief space, preferring to
apprentice himself for three years to a painter in Chicago, Ill. Free once more he again sought Providence, and, on Oct 15, 1866, married Abby F. Eddy, of Scituate, R. L, a daughter of Peter and Erispa Eddy, of Sterling, Conn. By her he had three sons and seven daughters; one of the former and two of the latter have passed from earth. Those remaining are Emma L. Olive M., Ida M., Lily N., Jeremiah T., William H., and Maud E. Mr. Bezely himself is now pursuing the house-painting business in Providence. He was wounded in the head at Cold Harbor, and in the right foot at Petersburg. This latter injury, though apparently slight seriously affected him for years after he muster out March 1, 1863, he was detailed sergeant of the division headquarters guard, Gen. Samuel D. Sturges commanding, and did not return until May 10, 1864, when the regiment was at Annapolis, Md.

The above and below information was taken from the 7th., Rhode Island Infantry, Regimental History.

Company B., Jeremiah Penno Bezely, Residence Coventry enlisted July 14, 1862, Mustered in September 4, 1862.  First Sergeant, wounded in head slightly, June 8, 1864.

p.65, Thursday, 12, March, 1863, Sergeant J. P. Bezely was detail as Sergeant of division Headquarters guard; he was returned to his company April 10, 1864, which was at Annapolis, Maryland.

p. 103, Sergeant Bezely was sent back thence with a captured deserter to division headquarters at Milldale where he arrived at two a. m. He had a horse and saddle to the pommel of which the prisoner was secured by a lanyard. He, of course, was obliged to walk the entire distance. The sergeant returned when his task was accomplished.

p. 108, Sergeant Bezely was sent from division Headquarters back to Vicksburg with a squad of prisoners and thence to Milldale Camp were he had charge of a hospital for the sick and wounded.

p.161, Saturday, April 9, 1864, Sergeant Bezely returned to his company having been on duty at General Sturgis's Headquarters since March 1, 1863.

p. 188, Wednesday 8, June, 1864, J. P. Bezely was wounded in the head.

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