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Alexander J. Dougherty, 13th., Indiana Infantry.

Indiana State Records.
Name: Alexander J. Dougherty.
Age: 18.
Date Enrolled: 1861/06/19.
Where Enrolled: Indianapolis, Indiana.
Regiment: 13. Company: I.
Discharge Date: 1864/06/19.
Notes: Musician. Private. Charge of Desertion Removed April 18, 1867, by Order of War Dept. Left Co. at Suffolk, VA. April, 1863. Mustered out at Indianapolis, IN.

Files of the Surgeon General.

CASE 39. Private A. J. Dougherty, Co. 1, 13th Indiana, aged 19 years, was wounded in the thighs at Turkey Bone Bridge, November 2, 1861. After being treated for a time at the regimental hospital he was returned to his company for duty, and subsequently he received a furlough to visit his home in Philadelphia. Acting Assistant Surgeon H. M. Bellows reported the following history: "He was admitted to Broad and Cherry Streets Hospital, April 13, 1863, at which time a foreign body was discovered beneath the skin on the front of the right thigh, five inches above the patella, which gave rise to considerable pain whenever the patient walked.

On the next day it was removed by Surgeon J. Neill, U. S. V., and proved to be the half of a round leaden ball. He stated that the missile entered the left thigh just below and in front of the trochanter, where the only visible scar was found. After the injury he had some pain and tenderness on pressure over the lower part of the abdomen, with difficult micturition for a few days. On examination the presumption was that the fragment must have crossed from left to right, either in front or just above the pubes, and thence gradually downward into the thigh.

The wound healed by granulations and by the 5th of May had completely cicatrized." The missile was contributed to the Museum by the operator, and constitutes specimen 1776 of the Surgical Section. The patient was subsequently transferred to Indiana, and mustered out at the expiration of his term of service, June 19, 1864. He afterward again enlisted, and was finally discharged June 21, 1865,  

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