Thursday, January 09, 2014

Black Hawk, Kentucky.


A station on the Maysville branch, K C. railroad, in Nicholas county, 5 miles south of the county seat, Carlisle, which is also the nearest bank location. It is only a small village of about 30 people, and serves as a shipping point for the neighborhood, for surplus products of stock, lumber and produce. Adams Express. Telegraph Western Union. Mail daily. W. J. Myers. postmaster.

Business men of Black Hawk, 1881-1882. 
Blake S T, general store.
Kenney Isaac, justice.
Meyers H B, blacksmith.
Meyers Walter, blacksmith.
Moore George, cooper.
Myers W. J., General Store and R. R., and Express Agent.
Robbins Jno  L. .Physician.
Robinson Rev N G; Methodist).
Shankland W E W, blacksmith.
W M & M Co, saw and planing-mills

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