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William Barthaul or Barthuer, 45th., N. Y. Infantry.

New York State Records.

BARTHAUER, WILLIAM.—Age, 32 years. Enlisted at New York city, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. D, September 9, 1861; wounded in action, at Gettysburg, Pa.; died of his wounds August 6, 1S63, at Philadelphia, Pa.

Surgeon General Files.

CASE. Corporal William Barthaul, Co. D, 45th New York Volunteers, aged 35 years, was wounded, at the battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1st, 1853, by a conoidal ball which produced a wound of the scalp about an inch in length, over the left occipital region. He remained in the field hospital until the llth of the month, when he was transferred to the Turner's Lane Hospital at Philadelphia. The wound was suppurating slightly. He improved steadily until. the 23d, when the parts in the region of the wound became highly inflamed, creating considerable sympathetic fever. Flaxseed poultices were applied, and by the 27th the wound suppurated freely. Milk punch was now given during the day, the diet otherwise being restricted. The patient became prostrated, and on the 2d of August, was attacked Avith a slight delirium. Death followed on the 6th of August, 1863.

Autopsy a fissure of the occipital bone was discovered, one and a half inches in length, involving both tables.  About one ounce of purulent matter surrounded the line of fracture outside of the dura mater. The case is reported by Acting Assistant Surgeon David Burpee.

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