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Civil War Soldiers And Their Injuries.

In the Civil War there were 171,565 injuries not including those from death by violence, drowning, suicides, homicides or execution of sentence. Of the thousands of injuries and accidents that was reported and required hospitalization, there were thousands more that were not reported so the true number of injuries and accidents will never be known.

1. George Witter, Private, 1st., Ohio battery, age 29 years, was injured by the explosion of a caisson during the action near Winchester, July 20, 1864; mustered out of the service on May 16, 1865, and pensioned, pension paid on September 4, 1881.

2. Charles H. Shields, Private, 6th., Maine battery, age 21 years, was injured by the explosion of some cartridges during the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864; wound burns to the face, ears burned off, discharged from the service for disability June 13, 1865 and pensioned.

3. Charles Withee, Private, 1st., Wisconsin battery, was severely injured by the explosion of a caisson during the battle of Big Black River, May 18, 1863, was burned in the face, hands and both arms.  Died on June 15, 1863.

4. R. A. Runion, Private, Co. I., 68th., Indiana Infantry, age 24 years, had his feet scalded.  The injury was caused by the upsetting of a pot of hot coffee.  After being admitted  into the hospital became more sick and died on March 8, 1863.  Note. This name wasn't found on any companies or regiments rosters.

5. John Sanford, Private, Co. I., 32nd., Massachusetts Infantry, age 37 years, was accidentally hurt in the back ( Contusion of the Spine), September 12, 1862, was discharged from the service December 8, 1862 and pensioned.

6. Richard Clark, Private, Co. D., 6th., Ohio Cavalry, age 54 or 45 years, was injured by falling off his horse and his horse stepping on his back and injuring his spine.  Discharged from the service December 18, 1862, and pensioned, died August 24, 1881, from his injuries.

7. John B. Saunders, Private, Co. K., 143rd New York Infantry, age 47 years.  He had a fall against the arm  of a seat in a railroad car, straining the small of his back, discharged from the service January 29, 1863, later pensioned.  Died December 2, 1875, from  his injuries.

8. Abraham Bickel, Private, Co. K., 142nd Pennsylvania Infantry, age 29 years, received a server injury during the march to Gettysburg, the accident incurred while a fence was being knocked down.  He was struck with the butt end of a musket in the lower part of the abdomen and forcing his right testicle back into the abdomen.  Discharged December 16, 1863, and pensioned.

9. Adam Leehaus, Private, Co. K., 4th., Ohio Cavalry, age 39 years, he accidentally sprained both ankles severely at Stone Mountain, October 23, 1864, mustered out May 25, 11865, and latter pensioned, pension paid December 4, 1880.

10. Augustus Hoffman, Private, Co. E., 101st., New York infantry,  age 19 years, hurt by the falling of a brick wall  of abuilding at Port Republic, June 1, 1862, died August 29, 1862.

11. Laban Swafford, Farrier, Co. G., 9th., Indiana Cavalry, age 36 years, was hurt at Pulaski, November 8, 1864, by his horse falling and throwing him upon his left shoulder, dislocating the joint, transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps, May 11, 1865; mustered out of the service September 4, 1865, was pensioned, pension paid on December 4, 1880.

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