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Hospital Steamer J. K. Barnes.

New York Times.

Published: January 8, 1865
This fine new hospital transport arrived from Hilton Head on Friday morning. Assistant Surgeon THOS. MCMILLIN, United states Army, in charge. She brings about four hundred sick and wounded soldiers from Gen. SHERMAN's army. Two deaths on the passage -- ISAAC J. EDWARDS, Company K, Fifty-third Indiana Regiment; J. MOTT, Company G, Fifty-third Indiana Regiment. They were brought to this city and buried, by Mr. A.J. CASE, in the Cypress Hill Cemetery. A number of the men belonged to the Ninetieth Illinois Regiment and the Twenty-fifth Ohio. A small number only belong to the One Hundred and Twenty-seventh New-York. The colored troops were mostly from the Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth Massachusetts Regiments. The men were transferred to the hospital transport Thomas P. Way, and all taken to the De Camp General Hospital, David's Island, where they were kindly received by Surgeon WEBSTER, and where they will be well cared for.

The J. K. Barnes was fitted up in New York City during the latter part of 1864.  She was two hundred and twenty-three feet in length, thirty-five feet two inches beam, and twenty two feet nine inches of depth of hold.
In fitting her up an orlop deck was introduced and a mess-room was built on the forward deck in front of the galley.  Her first load was on January 1, 1865, and continued until November, 1865, in all she
carried 3,655, patients.
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