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Thomas W. Robertson, 79th., N. Y., Infantry..

New York State Records.

ROBERTSON, THOMAS W.—Age, 31 years. Enrolled at New York city, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Oo. E, May 27, 1861; promoted second lieutenant, Co. H, January 19, 1862; first lieutenant, May 16, 1862; wounded in action, June 16, 1862, ai, James Island, S. C; discharged for disability from wounds, August 25, 1862.Commissioned second lieutenant, February 21, 1862, with rank from January 19, 1862.

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Army Medical  Museum.
Lieut. Thomas W. Robertson, 79th New York Vols., was wounded, on June 16th, 1862, in the assault on the works on James Island, South Carolina, by a musket hall, which struck the outer side of the head of the tibia, and passed upwards and lodged, as was believed, in the intercondyloid notch of the femur, or somewhere about the knee-joint.

Amputation of the thigh was advised but refused by the patient. The limb was then placed in an easy position and cold water dressings were applied.

On June 28th, the patient was sent to New York. On July 6th, there Was profuse haemorrhage from the anterior tibial artery. On July 8th, the femoral artery was tied by Professor Willard Parker, At this date, the khee-joint was excessively swollen, and there was, free suppuration from the wound.

After a very protracted confinement, the patient ultimately recovered, with complete anchylosis of the knee-joint, the straight position of the limb being preserved.

Lieut. Robertson was transferred to the Veteran Keserv Corps, on February 29th, 1804, and was on duty at Emory Hospital, at Washington, in 1865. On July 18th, 1865, the photograph was taken.

The facts of the case were communicated by Burgeon -N. H. Mosely, U. S. Vols., who reported that Professor Parker and the other surgical advisers of Lieut, Kobertson, entertained no doubt that the knee-joint was primarily involved in this case. The exact location of the ball was never ascertained.

Photographed at the Army Medical Museum,


Bet Lt. Col, and Surg. U. S. V.., Curator A. M. A.

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