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Southern Soldiers Wounded in Battle.

Here is a list of Southern soldier wounded in battle.  In the official medical reports no first names were giver just initials.  But I give enough information you should be able to find you ancestor, if he's on the list.

All were operated on by Union doctors and lived through the operation.  All were shot in the "Humerus", which is part of the shoulder.

Note.  I went back and found as many first names as I could find.

1. William M. Armstrong, Sergeant, Co. D., 20th., Mississippi, Age 24, wounded November 20, 1864, shot in right shoulder.

2. W. H. Baker, Lieutenant, Co. C., 7th., Tennessee, Age 24, wounded June 3, 1864, wounded in right shoulder.

3. H. W. Bell, Corporal, Co. A., 14th., Virginia, Age 33, wounded July 3, 1863.
Other name Nathan W. Bell.

4. G. W. Bowen, Sergeant, Co. B., 1st., Georgia, Age 24, wounded Novemer 30, 1864, Gunshot to right shoulder.

5. Thomas M. Campbell, Private, Co. C., 17th., Mississippi, Age 27, wounded December 11, 1862, wound in right shoulder.

6. J. M. Davis, Private, Co. C., 10th., Georgia, Age 19, wounded July 3, 1863, wounded in left shoulder.  Other name James Davis.

7. Allen Dickerson, Sergeant, Co. D., 25th., Georgia, wounded December 7, 1864, wounded right shoulder.

8. Henry W. Dixon, Captain, 6th., Co. H., South Carolina Cavalry, Age 34, wounded October 7, 1864.

9. Robert J. Ellison, Sergeant, Co. E., 3rd., Georgia, Age 23, wounded August 21, 1864.

10. William A. Gibson, Private, Co. B., 16th., Alabama, Age 26, wounded November 21, 1864.
Other name William H. Gibson

11. Perry. Godfrey, Private, Co. E., 10th., North Carolina, Artillery, Age 20, wounded May 20, 1864, escaped October 23, 1864.  This was an error he's a Union man.

12. J. Ham, Private, Co. A., 1st., North Carolina, wounded July 9, 1863, wounded in right shoulder joint.

13. J. A. Jackson, Private, Co. B., Alabama, Age 18, wounded September 19, 1863.

14. Robert Jackson, Private, Co. B., 42rd., Virginia, wounded March 25, 1865, paroled May 6, 1865.

15. William A. Lipscomb, Sergeant, Co. C & G., 5th., South Carolina, Age 30, wounded September 12, 1864, shot in right shoulder.

16. Samuel H. May, Lieutenant, Co. D., 10th., Louisiana, Age 23, wounded July 1, 1865, minie ball through right shoulder joint.

17. Thomas J. Meek, Private, Co. M., Phillip's Georgia Legion, Age 20, wounded November 29, 1863, Gunshot of the right shoulder.

18. Joseph R. Merryman, Private, Co. D., 1st., Maryland Cavalry, Age 21, wounded July 22, 1864, shot in left shoulder.

19. William A. Moore, Corporal, Co. E., 18th., North Carolina, Age 21, wounded August 16, 1864,conoidal ball through the right shoulder.  This is a Union man.

20. w.J. Morell, Private, Co. H., 15th., South Carolina, Age 37., wounded June 24, 1864, Gunshot to left shoulder.

21. J. B. Myers, Private, Co. F., 1st., South Carolina, Rifles ( Orr's ),Age 28, wounded December 13, 1862, Gunshot to right shoulder.

22. H. C. Perkins, Private, Co. D., 49th., Georgia, Age 20, wounded July 2, 1863, shot in right shoulder.

23. J. G. Presley, Lieutenant Colonel, 25th., South Carolina, Age 31, wounded May 7, 1864, shot in left shoulder.

24. Thomas S. Rector, Sergeant, Co. A., 11th., Virginia, Age 22, wounded July 2, 1863, shot through right shoulder joint.

25. J. W. Shafer, Private, Co. F., 33rd., Virginia, Age 21, wounded September 17, 1862, shot through right shoulder joint.  Other name Isaac W. Shafer.

26. George W. Taylor, Major, 14th., Co. K., Alabama, Age 27, wounded May 12, 1864, shot through the right shoulder.

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