Thursday, April 24, 2014

David A. Davis Kills Jack Davis, Ohio.

From the history of Perry County, Ohio.

The Killing of Jack Davis.  

The killing of Jack Davis, at Shawnee, occurred January ist, 1879, under the following circumstances, as disclosed at the trial: It appeared that David A. Davis, a Welshman by birth, and coal miner by occupation, kept a disreputable house. He was a married man, but his wife had, for some cause, gone off and left him. All parties connected with the tragedy had been drinking freely, as it was New Year's Day and nobody at work. After dark, probably about nine o'clock, Jack Davis and other persons visited the house of David A. Davis, and asked to be admitted.

They were informed by the inmates that their company was not wanted and told to go away. After some parleying they tried to force the doors of the house, or hammered loudly against them, when David A. Davis snatched up a gun, tired through the window, shooting Jack Davis in the head and killing him instantly. He was also a Welshman, having a wife and one child, and stood comparatively well in the community among those who knew him.

His sudden death, under the circumstances, caused intense excitement, and there was, at tirst, strong talk of lynching David A. Davis, if he could be found ; but he had made his escape. He, however, subsequently came back and gave himself up. He had a preliminary  examination and was committed to jail. He was indicted by the grand jury for murder in the first degree. The trial was a long and tedious one, and of much interest. The Jury rendered a verdict of Manslaughter, and Judge Wright sentenced the prisoner to the Penitentiary for a term of four years.

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