Tuesday, April 01, 2014

James Barber, Ohio, War of 1812..

James Barber.

Service: Private, Captain John Logan's Company, Ohio Militia.
Enlisted: September 20, 1814.
Discharged: November 19, 1814.

Residence: 1851, 1855, Clermont County, Ohio.

Wife: Elizabeth A. Watkins.
Married April 14, 1867, Clermont county, Ohio.
After the death of Mr. Barber, married John Johnson, July 17, 1883.

First wife: Margaret Stephenson.
Married December 14, 1819, Clermont County, Ohio.
Later sold her.

Second wife: Mary Flanagan.
Marriage date unknown.
Later sold her.

James Barber, death came on September 8, 1872, at Clermont County Ohio.
Burial: unknown.

It's stated that James Barber was at one time the Postmaster at Liberty, Montgomerg County, Ohio.

Note. The custom of selling ones wife came over from England.  Selling a wife was the same as getting a divorce and cheaper.

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