Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Daniel Whilldin "D. W" hand, Minnesota.

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Daniel Whilldin Hand. Assistant surgeon First Minnesota Infantry, July 23, 1861. Present at battle of Ball's Bluff, before Yorktown, and battles of Fair Oaks (in which he was wounded). Seven Pines, Frazier's Farm and Malvern Hill. May 18, 1863, captured and a prisoner at Libby about one month. August, 1863, detailed on the staff of Major General Peek, whom he accompanied to Newberne, N. C, and for over two years thereafter had chaise of the medical department of North Carolina. Nov. 1. 1864, lieutenant colonel, by brevet, "for meritorious services rendered daring the war, and particularly for the skill, energy and fidelity displayed by him as medical director of the military district of North Carolina daring the prevalence of a fatal epidemic of yellow fever at Newberne N. C, in the autumn of 1864." Colonel, by brevet, March 13, 1865, "for faithful and meritorious services daring the war". Mastered out December, 1865. Died at St. Paul, Minn., Jane 1, 1889.

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