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Charles L. Odell, 86th., New York.

Charles L Odell.

Birth: Feb. 27, 1842.
Death: Apr. 19, 1869.

  Burial: Potter Brook Cemetery, Potter Brook, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

New York State Records.

ODELL, CHARLES L.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, September 8, 1861, at Osceola, Pa., to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. B, 86th N.Y. infantry regiment, September 13, 1861; wounded in action, June 9, 1863, at Beverly Ford, Va.; again, July 2, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pa.; captured in action, May 10, 1864, at Spotsylvania, Va.; paroled, no date; mustered out, September 13, 1864.

Surgeon General Report.
CASE 270. Private Charles L. Odell, Co. B, 86th New York, aged 22 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 10, 1864, by a conoidal ball. He was taken prisoner, and, on August 24th, was brought, by steamer New York, to Annapolis, and admitted to No. 1 hospital, where the injury was recorded as a "gunshot wound through the abdomen." On August 24th, he was transferred to Camp Parole, whence he was returned to duty, September 30, 1864. On March 19, 1865, he was discharged from the service.

Pension Examiner Ira W. Bellows, Knoxville, Pennsylvania, reports, May 7, 1866: " Ball entered the left side, over the descending colon, came out through the posterior superior spinous process of the left ilium; faecal matter is now discharging from the wound in the back; general emaciation; is unable to leave his room. Disability total ; will probably prove fatal." II. A. Phillips, M. D., of Knoxville, reported that the pensioner died April 19, 1869, at Westfield, Pennsylvania, and states :

"I attended Charles L. Odell for about a month prior to his death ; when I first saw him, I found him suffering from a fistulous opening, communicating with the bowels, with profuse discharge of faecal and purulent matter, resulting from a wound received in the United States service, from which injury he died, very much emaciated, April 19, 1869."

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