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Sylvanus Randall Lathrop, Michigan

Sylvanus Randall Lathrop.
Birth: 1842, Michigan.
Death: December 24, 1909.

*Father: Horance N. Lathrop.
*Mother: Lucy A. Stiles Lathrop.

*Wife: Lucy E. Stiles Lathrop.
Married March 22, 1868, Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan.

*Children: John H., Paul BEnson, Eugene, Mul Benson Lathrop.
*Note Names so marked need more research before stating as fact.
Burial:: Stiles Cemetery, Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan.
Civil War Record.

Sergeant 1 Michigan Calvary Company-F. Enlisted: August 20, 1861, Discharged: July 24, 1865. Prisoner Of War: August 29, 1862 at Bull Run, Virginia. Reenlisted: December 21, 1863. Promoted To: Sergeant

Surgeon General Report.

CASE 571. Corporal Sylvanus Lathrop, Co. F, 1st Michigan Cavalry, aged 22 years, was wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1864, by a revolver ball, which entered the left iliac region two inches above Poupart's ligament and one and a half inches to the right of the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium, passed backward, and emerged between the body of the fifth lumbar vertebra and the posterior superior spinous process of the ilium. He was removed to the Cavalry Corps /> Hospital, where he remained until October 29th, when he was transferred to the hospital at Cumberland.

Acting Assistant Surgeon S. B. West reports that "a considerable piece of the omentum protruded and sloughed off." His health was good, and the wound was discharging healthy pus and healing. He was returned to duty January 16th, and discharged from service July 24, 1865, and pensioned. Pension Examiner David Clark, of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan, reported, in March, 1870, that "in consequence of the wound the patient suffers from a partial paralysis of the left leg and weakness of the back. The left leg is somewhat smaller than its fellow. The power of rotating the body on the hips is impaired, and the response of the muscles in rising from a sitting posture, or in attempting to lift, is uncertain, causing him to fall if thrown out of a perpendicular line."

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