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Horace Leslie Campbell.

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Horace Leslie Campbell.

Birth: July 29, 1893.
Death: Unknown.

Son of Charles A. and Cora Campbell.

Wife Bernice Grosboll.

Children: Corene, ( ?-March 22, 1921.) .

Burial: Unknown.

Lieutenant Horace Leslie Campbell, only sou of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Campbell, born July 29th, 1893, at the Campbell home near Tallula. He enlisted the last of July, 1911, in the U. S. aero service, entering the ground school of aviation, Columbus, Ohio. October 19th, training there and finishing his course in eight weeks. On Dec. 20th he was transferred to Love Field, Dallas, Texas, Where he entered the flying school.

He was married, April 23, to Miss Bernice Grosboll, of Petersburg, retiirning to Love Field, where he instructed in the flying school two iveeks. He sailed for France from Camp Dick, May 22nd, landing in Ramorantin, France. He tt/as made tester and path-finder here: has received two decorations from the French government and fourteen citations for honors of varioiix kinds. Lieutenant Campbell is believed to have broken two world's records for altitude, once without oxygen.

He was 48 years when he signed up for the draft for W. W. II.

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