Wednesday, May 20, 2015

William Bradley Haver.

William Bradley Haver.

Birth: Apr. 12, 1828.
Death: Mar. 22, 1907.

Burial: Euclid Cemetery, Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

William was born in NY, was married to Mary from England. He was the father of William, Kitty, Johnnie and Bessie. He was a sailor, serving in the Navy as a Bosin's Mate in the Civil War, also served in the "Mexican" War. He retired on a pension from the Navy and lived with his daughters Kittie Rauser and Bessie until his death in Cook County, IL.

Ohio Soldiers & Sailors Home.

William B. Haver, Service U. S. S. bineville; Rank Sea.; U. S. S. Cherokee; Rank Mate; Service in months 9. & 7.; Nativity New York; Age 67; Pension $12.; Disability wound to head; Admitted from Ohio; Admitted August 29, 1894; Widower; Read & Write Yes.

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