Sunday, September 20, 2015

Indiana North State Prison.

This will not be a history of the prison. There is all kinds of information easily found on the internet.  But what is not easily found is the workers of the prison.  On this post you will find a list of the workers.

Indiana North State Prison.
Maryland City, La Porte, County, Indiana.
James W. French, Prison Warden
Birth: Unknown.
Death: Unknown.
Wife: Mary S. Stewart, (1858- 1895.)
Children: Louis, Mary French.
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana.
Thomas E. Donnelly, Prison Deputy, Warden.
Patrick W. Driscall, Prison Clark.
Robert H. Calvert, Prison Physician.
W. H. Xander, Prison Chaplain.
Luke M. Flemming,  Prison Steward.
Uriah M. Ballinger, Prison Guard.
William E. Drumb, Prison Guard.
William Fowler, Prison Guard.
Alexander W. French, Prison Guard.
Benjamin Hough, Prison Guard.
George W. Kirby, Prison Guard.
John McCrary, Prison Guard.
Andrew Magovern, Prison Foreman.
John Minnimen, Prison Guard.
George Patterson, Prison Guard.
William Schoenemann, Prison Guard.
Benjamin Spencer, Prison Worker.
William H. Storm, Prison, Prison Guard.

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