Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lake Captains of Cleveland Ohio.

Some of your families may have story's that one of your ancestors was a captain, but your not sure where it was.  All these Captain's sailed on lake Erie.  I don't have any information on these names.  However you have the State, city and about where he was sailing and a time line.  


G. Knight.
James H. Pellett.


William Case.
Alfred Davis.
Charles Deott.
Thomas Dowling.
Ezra Honeywell.
M. C. Malcom
Joseph Moffit.
Smith Moore.
Julius Morgan.
J. H. Pellett.
J. V. Thomas.
C. B. Tower.
George H. Tower.
William H. Weaver.
James Whitworth.


John Becker.
John Brown.
John Kirby.


Joseph Colwell.
Stephen Lampoh.
Joseph Mallory.
John D. Mullen.
Joseph D. Taylor.


David Becker.
William McNally.
Lyman B. Waterbury or Waterburg.


George Bessant.
William Cumming.
Robert Harrington.

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