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Bartenders and Slaoons, Indiana.

Here is a list of about 83 Bartenders  and 71 Saloons, there is no information on the names.  This list is to help find a ancestor and learn where he or she was  at this time in history.  The City Evansville, Indiana, the year 1888.

A note about the Saloons of Evansville and there were many and I bet you get a picture of what they may look like but you would be wrong. The saloon as we know them wasn't the only saloons in town.  There were saloons in Boarding Houses, Billiard Rooms or Halls and Groceries Stores. One could get a bottle of beer or a glass of wine about any place in town.

The saloon list which there are three, were copied from the City Directory and you may not be able to enlarge them enough to read. In this case you may copy them so you can enlarge  them your self.  No need to ask its ok.  In fact all the information an pictures at this web site are free to any one to copy.


Emil Alexander.
August Allers.
William H. Anderson Jr.
Otto Becker.
William Beerwerth.
Hugh Bradley.
Fred Brandhorst.
David Bridgerforth.
Fen. Bristow.
Joseph Bucher.
J. E. Buckner.
John Bullen.
John H. Callanan.
Edward Castle.
George Eikenbrodt.
Edward Eissler.
Albert G. Green.
John Greendonner.
Theodore Gromm.
Andrew Gronotte
Benjamin N. Haake.
Henry B. Haake.
Jacob Hartmann.
hiram Hendrickson.
Tony Hermann.
Dan Hudson.
John S. Hutcheson.
Samuel Jones.
Henry J. Kaelin.
Otto Karn.
William Kelly.
David klauss.
Aaron Knapp.
Frank Koob.
George Krum.
Peter P. Kuehn.
George Latnam.
Conrad Leonhise.
Frank Lindsay.
J. V. Mandel.
John Martin.
Charles D. Mauntel.
Charles C. Meckel.
William Meier.
Charles P. Metcalfe.
John D. Miller.
Benjamin F. Morris.
Michael Norton.
John Oeth.
Roger Patrick.
John B. Patterson.
Philip Peter.
G. I. Philips.
Ed. Pinkstaff.
Adam Reinhart.
John T. Rohol.
Henry Rost.
August Roth.
John Ryerson.
Fred P. Sanders.
Price Sanders.
Henry Schneider.
Jacob Schneider.
Edward Schoellkopf.
John G. Schoellkopf.
James N. Smith.
William Smith.
Charles Snvder.
Marion Stanley.
Dennis Sweeney.
William Tabor.
Len. Taylor.
Fred C. Thienes.
William H. Thum.
Henry Vollmer.
Christ Weisheimer.
John Wentzel.
John Wentzel.
Robert White.
Henry Wolf.

There are no names of the saloons just those of the owners, saloonkeepers and so on.
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