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He was born at Fort Dauphin, St. Joseph’s Parish, San Domingo, West Indies, 16 September 1753, died at Middletown, Connecticut 20 September 1807. He was the son of Jean and Marie Jeanne (Guillotin de la Vigerie) Baury. He married 7 June 1784 at Middletown, Conn. to Mary Clark. She was born at Middletown, Conn. 19 July 1767, died 16 December 1856, aged 88 yrs. Mary was the daughter of Elisha and Sarah (---) Clark of Middletown. She was interred at Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts.
After having been educated at a military school in France, he returned to the West Indies in 1771; was a Lieutenant of Militia at Fort Dauphin in 1773; in 1779 was appointed Captain Commandant in the Corps of Chasseurs of San Domingo, and in this rank he served through the campaign of Savannah, Georgia, in that year. Dur­ing the years 1781-83 he served in the campaigns in the United States and the Windward Islands, with the rank of Captain in the `train of grenadiers and troops of disembarkation’. After the war, Captain Baury became a citizen of Boston, Massachusetts. There was some hesitancy about accepting him as a member be­cause of his having lived outside the United States all his life, but he was approved by the Standing Committee in a report dated February 4, 1789, after he declared upon his honor that he is not an officer in the French Army and that he does not re­ceive pay’. In the early part of 1787 he acted as Aide de Camp to General Lincoln in putting down Shays’ Rebellion. He had a plantation in San Domingo, and divided his time between there and Middletown until 1803; from then on lived permanently in Middletown, because the slaves rebellion had confiscated his properties. Louis widow Mary applied for a pension in Suffolk Co., Mass. 21 January 1851. Louis was an Original Member of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati from 1789-1807.


CHAP. CXVI.—— An Act for the Relief of Mary Baury.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby directed to place on the roll of Revolutionary pensioners the, name of Mary Baury, of Boston, Massachusetts, widow of Louis Baury, who served three campaigns as captain of grenadiers during the Revolutionary war, and to pay her a pension at the rate of six hundred dollars per annum from the twenty-fifth day of June, eighteen hundred and fifty, and to continue during her natural life.
APPROVED, March 8, 1853.

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