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John Abbot Or Abbott Militray & Family 1778-1825.

Pension application of John Abbot S39925

Transcribed by Will Graves.

Original Claim
Declaration in order to be placed on the pension list under the act of the 18th of March 1818.

County of Grainger, State of Tennessee.

On this 22nd day of November 1825 personally appeared in open Court(being a court of record for Grainger County having the power of fine and imprisonment) John Abbot resident in said County, aged sixty seven years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the act of Congress of the 18th of March 1818 and the 1st of May 1820 that he said John Abbot enlisted for the term of three years on __ [blank in original] day of __ [blank in original] 1778 in the State of North Carolina in the company commanded by Captain Edward Yarbrow [sic, Yarborough?] in the Regiment commanded by Colonel __[blank in original] Dixon in the line of the State of North Carolina on the Continental establishment, that he continued to serve in said corps until after the Eutaw [Eutaw Springs] battle when he was discharged from the service in high hills of Santee in the State of South Carolina, that he hereby relinquishes any claim to a pension what ever except the present; that his name is not on the roll of any state except North Carolina and that the following are the reasons for not making earlier application for a pension, that he never knew how to procure [word obliterated] he could draw a pension at until about two years ago, when he procured his claim to be made out and forwarded but as he is advised his papers never reached the proper department.

And in pursuance of the act of the first of May 1820, I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale or other wise disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provision of an act of Congress entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war” passed on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property, or securities, contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed
Schedule of property, to wit

2 horses valued at $60 each $120.00
1 little wagon 30.00
1 Cow and calf & 1 heifer 18.00
5 small hogs 7.50

That he is by occupation a farmer, that he is very unable to pursue it on account of a [illegible word, looks like “wen” possibly could be intended to be the word “wound”] on his shoulder and a general disability. He has nine in family, that his wife is forty seven years old and is afflicted with rumatic [sic, rheumatic] panes [sic, pains] in both arms and is frequently unable to do anything. The name of his wife is Susana, His oldest child Alexander is about nineteen years of age and is about leaving him. His second is William aged sixteen years he is very ungovernable and goes and comes where he will. The third is a tour for about fourteen; her name is Sally and she has frequent bad health. 4th Betsy about nine years old. 5th Andrew a boy about seven, born with the rickets. 6th is Agge a daughter about four. 7th a grand-son who's fall but is dead; his name is John Landingham, he is about four years old. He states that there has been no changes in his property since 1818 except casual changes. S/ John Abbot Sworn to and declared on the 22nd day of November 1825 in open Court. S/ Wm. E. Cocke, D. C. State of North Carolina Secretary's Office I William Hill Secretary of State in & for the State aforesaid, do certify that it appears from the muster rolls of the Continental line of this state in the revolutionary war, that John Abbott a musician in Captain Hogg's Company of the 10th Regiment enlisted 20th of July 1778 for nine months. That John Abbott a Sergeant in Captain Yarborough's Company of the 10th Regiment enlisted in the year 1781 for 12 months, that his time was out on the 22nd day of April 1782. Given under my hand at Office in Raleigh 21st December 1825 S/ Wm Hill.

Note. The following was found by my research.

John Abbot or John Abbot, was a Sergeant, of the North Carolina Con. Line, his allowance was $96, dollars per year, he had received the sum of $236, dollars, he was placed on the pension roll on Jan. 9, 1826, his commencement of pension was on Nov. 23, 1825, age was 70, years. He died on May 10, 1828.

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