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Revolutionary Pensioners Of The Sourh.

I have a new index that deals with pension applications of the men of the revolutionary war who are from the south. However this is a little miss leading, true these men are from the south, however many fought for other states that were not southern. All these men are now living in a southern state and are putting in for a pension from that state.

I will list a few names, as there are to many to put here. I will give just enough information so you may know you have the right person. I have all the pension application for all the men listed here.

Note. Those of you who didn’t find a name of interest here can ask for a look up, as I have over 7, thousand pension application of the men of the south. If you ask for a look up the man must be from the south. Please remember to give ( the title of this page ) when asking information on a name or ( I may not be able to help you. ) My address can be found in my profile.


1. Solomon Abbott, private, resident of Spartanburg District of South Carolina aged 74 years.

2. David Abernathy, State of Tennessee, Giles County, was from the County of Lincoln in the State of North Carolina.

3. Jeremiah Adams, State of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, has a sister named Martha Burnett of Iredell County, North Carolina.

4. William Alexander of the County of Mercer & State of Kentucky, enlisted in Virginia , has a son named George.

5. Richard Allen, County of Wilkes, State of North Carolina. He was born on the 21st day of November 1741 in Baltimore County, State of Maryland, enlisted from Rowan County
North Carolina.

6. Christopher Ammon a resident of the County of Rockingham of Virginia, he was born in Culpepper [sic: Culpeper] County state of Virginia.

7. Leonard Anderson, State of Kentucky, Logan County, he was born in Augusta County in the State of Virginia in the year 1755.

8. Charles Ammonette, State of Virginia, & County of Powhatan, wife Phoebe, married Charles in Chesterfield County on 2 Feb 1798 .

9. Evin Andress [Evan Andrews?], Western District of Florida, Washington County, lived in Franklin County N. C. when called into service and moved thence to Georgia and now lives in Florida.

10. Francis Ayers (Ayres, Rank, Private, 9th., Virginia, wife Mary, daughter Sarah Sowards.

11. Elias Baker, State of Georgia, Gwinnett County, entered the service from Rowan county, North Carolina were he was living.

12. John Bagwell, State of South Carolina, Anderson District, Born in Halifax County, State of North Carolina, was living in Bute County in North Carolina when called into this Service.

13. Ephraim Banner, State of North Carolina, County of ( Stokes ) was surry county.

14. John Bantham:, County of Coshackton in the State of Ohio, wife Rachel Bantham.

15. Osborne Ball, State of North Carolina, Warren County, wife Mary Ball, d. 1845.

16. Leven Balance (Levin Ballance), State of North Carolina, Currituck County, was drafted in December 1779.

17. Paul Barringer, Leah Smith, of Cabarrus County, NC., child of Paul Barringer and his wife Catharine Blackwelder Barringer, another child Polly Harris by second marriage.

18. Benjamin Barton, State of South Carolina, Pickens District, wife Dorcas Barton.

19. Peter Bashaw, County of Davidson, in the State of Tennessee, was born in
Fauquier County in the State of Virginia.

20. Israel Baxter, was drafted in the militia of South Carolina in Georgetown District, father Theophilus Baxter.

21. John Cabbage, State of Tennessee, Campbell County, enlisted from
Shenandoah County in the State of Virginia. Brother Adam Cabbage.

22. William Caldwell, State of Ohio, Butler County, father, John Caldwell, he enlisted in the state troops of South Carolina. He was born in the County of Antrim in Ireland in May 1763.

23. Thomas Campbell, county of Northumberland State of Virginia.

24. James Cardwell, Mercer county, State of Kentucky, wife Sally Cardwell, son John Cardwell.

25. Thomas Carney, Caroline County of Maryland, enlisted from Caroline County in the State of Maryland.

26. Walter Carson, Clark County State of Georgia, wife Mary Carson married 1780, York District South Carolina, Walter Carson was from York District South Carolina, wife his now widow moved to Clark County State of Georgia in 1833.

27. Giles Landon Carter, Knox County, State of Tennessee, wife Sela Carter married in Rutherford County North Carolina. He died on the 26th day of July in 1856, in the County of Roane and State of Tennessee.

28. Hugh Caruthers, Anderson County, State of Alabama, was a resident of the State of North Carolina in the County of Orange at the time of his enlistment .

29. John Casey, County of Casey [sic: Franklin] & State of Kentucky, enlisted in 1779 in Hillsborough in North Carolina.

30. Thomas M. Caul, County of Lewis, State of Virginia, was born in Augusta County in the State of Virginia near the town of Staunton on the 1st day of Oct. in the year 1763.

It should noted that many of the wife’s now widows and asking for their husband pension. And it also is noted that many of these men substituted for other members of their family or other men up to three time and in some cases more.

31. James Day, Mecklenburg County State of Virginia, service of the State of Virginia, wife Mary,

32. Moses Dean, Washington County, State of Georgia, wife Rachel Dean. He Entered the service of the United States as a substitute in Bluford County North Carolina [sic, Beaufort County?], then enlisted in the regular Army.

33. Henry Delap, Rockingham County, State of North Carolina, draft in militia in the County of
Henry, State of Virginia. Was born in the County of King George State of Virginia on Jun 12 1738.

34. Henry Deshasure, Mercer County, State of Kentucky, was born in Prince Edward County in the State of Virginia, was enlisted from said county and State.

35. Hezekiah Deweese, Dewese or Dewise, Mecklenburg County, State of at Halifax Old
Courthouse - State of Virginia for nine months. I enlisted under him June 1778, was born in the State of Delaware in the year 1760. Moved to Mecklenburg, county North Carolina 1800. He entered the service of the United States in the year 1778 June at Halifax Old Courthouse State of Virginia.

36. William Dixon, Brown County, State of Ohio, enlisted the fall of 1782 in the State of Virginia. Children James, Thomas, Betsey and Harrison

37. George Doherty, Jefferson County, State of Tennessee, lived in Augusta County in the state of Virginia, during the Revolutionary War, moved to Greene County, Tennessee where he lived eight years, then removed to Jefferson County where he now lives.

38. Edward Douglass (Dugless), Jefferson County, State of Tennessee, was living in Surry County North Carolina when the war came, then removed to Knox County Tennessee then to Jefferson County Tennessee where he now lives. He was born in the year 1763 in Orange County North Carolina, near Hillsborough.

39. Philip Drum, Iredell County, State of North Carolina, was drafted 1st of June 1780, at Rowan and now Iredell County. Wife Mary Drum, married 24 Feb 1820.

40. Elisha Dyar (Dyer), County of Franklin, State of Georgia, enlisted the Militia of North Carolina in
Granville County in said state, in March 1778 (then but sixteen years old), Was born in Virginia near the Big Falls [possibly Great Falls] of Potomac in May 1763.

41. John Ealy [Ely], Fayette County, State of Tennessee. Enlister in 1776, from where he resided in the State of Georgia St. John's parish, was borned in the year 1757 in the State of Georgia St. John's parish. After the war moved to the State of South Carolina Newberry County.

42. James East:, Rockbridge County State of Virginia, was born in Goochland County State of Virginia in
August 1753., wife Martha East married 9 Feb 1778.

43. Arthur Elliott, Habersham County, State of Georgia, wife Mary Elliott married
4th day of July 1784, Arthur Elliott died the 12th day of November 1837.

44. Matthias Elmore, State of South Carolina. He is a resident of Spartanburg District in the State of South Carolina. He was born in the State of North Carolina in the neighborhood of New Garden Guilford County, in the year 1755. When called into service, he was living in Newberry County (now District) in the State of South Carolina.

45. Joseph England, Anderson County, State of Tennessee, He was born in New Kent
County Virginia on the 25th day of December 1762.. He was living in Surry County in the
State of North Carolina when called into the service, about the first of November 1779.

46. Andrew Evans, Owen County, State of Indiana, born on the 28th of September 1759. Was as a Volunteer, in the Virginia Militia, entered the service from Washington County, Virginia, being his place of residence. Wife Elizabeth Evans married in 1781.

47. Peter Everhart, Davidson County, State of North Carolina, wife Mary Everhart married on 27 August 1788; and that her husband died June 12, 1836.

48. Nathaniel Everitt, Washington County, was born in this County (then Tyrrell) in March 1763.

49. Alexander Ewing, Bedford County, State of Tennessee, was born in Mecklenburg County North Carolina about the year of 1762, entered service from Mecklenburg North Carolina. Has a brother Robert Ewing, Alexander Ewing wife was Sarah Ewing, married him in 1791 in Mecklenburg County North Carolina.

50. Timothy Ezell, State of Tennessee, resident in the County of Giles. He enlisted the 2nd of February 1782, at Salisbury, in the State of North Carolina. Sarah Edwards is his daughter.

51. Ebenezer Fain, Habersham County, State of Georgia, he first
entered the service of the United States in Montgomery in Washington
County in the State of Virginia in June, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Six as a militiaman he was about fourteen years of age. he was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania on the 27th day of August Seventeen Hundred and Sixty Two.

52. Matthew Farmer, Franklin County, State of Virginia, born in Chesterfield County Va. who lived in Halifax Va. When the war came. In 1834, his pension was transferred to St. Charles County MO.

53. Conrad Fight, Rowan County, State of North Carolina, wife Elizabeth Fight married Conrad Fight on the 19th day of February in the year 1788, Conrad Fight died on the 21st day of December 1832.

54. Samuel Findley, Spencer County, State of Indiana, was born in Guilford County North Carolina in April of 1762. He lived in Kentucky upwards of 30 years but now resides in Spencer County Indiana.

55. George Fisher, a resident of Goodland Swamp near Edisto in the County or District of Orangeburg and State of South Carolina.

56. Philip Fix, Rockbridge County, State of Virginia, was born nine miles below Reding [sic: Reading], on the Schuylkill in Pennsylvania in the year 1754. Wife Margaret Fix.

57. Doctor Henry Collins Flagg, wife Rachael Flagg married 5th day of December, in the year of 1784.

58. William Flanagan (Flannegan ), Hall County, State of Georgia, wife Sarah Self married January 1783, children, Winna Bearden and Priscilla Flannagan father died September 15, 1845.

59. Joseph Fog (Fogg), Warren County, State of North Carolina, He enlisted in October 1777. Children, James, a son, 14 years, Fanny, a Daughter, 18 years, and Sally 16 years.

60. William Freeman, Burke County, State of North Carolina, enlisted at Halifax in North Carolina July 1778. Was born in Bertie County on 26th October in 1759. Died either January 27 or 28, 1838 in Greene County, Missouri, wife Mary Bryan married about 1786 in Martin County, N. C., children, Riddick , John, Larry, Lemuel H., Elizabeth and James (twins), Nancy, Frances, Rachel.

Last note. As I stated this list is just a few names so if you didn’t find a name here remember I have over 7 thousand pension application for men of the south. I will be glad to do a look up for you.


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thank you for a job well done. I had a special feeling of thank as I read the names you had posted. I have the Berry family that were in North Carolina at this and was wondering if you had found any Berry's in your search. Thanks

Dennis Segelquist said...

Elder & Taylor,

As for the pensioners of the south I have only Enoch berry who was from N. C. then after the Rev. War, moved to Tenn.

As for the surname of Berry I have over 500 items with the name of Berry. They covers the united States, If you would like me to look into a family I would be happy to do so, You can find my address in my profile, I look forward to hearing from you.
Your host.

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The George Fisher here is not your man, I have gone through all my index's and found no info on this family.

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