Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John Rodgers.

John Rodgers.

Birth: Maryland, Jul. 11, 1772.
Death: Aug. 1, 1838.

United States Naval Ofifcer. He became a hero in the pre-War of 1812 Naval squabbles with France and Great Britain. He served with distinction in the Quasi-War with France, helped to defeat Tripolitan naval forces in the Barbary Wars and defeated a British Sloop-of-War in 1811, which brought back a measure of respect to the United States Navy in the wake of the USS Chesapeake-HMS Leopold affair.

He commanded several squadrons crushed in the War of 1812, but helped to successfully defend Baltimore from British attack. After the War, he was named President of the United States Navy Board of Commissioners (which included fellow Commodores Isaac Hull and David D. Porter).

John Rodgers, was commissioned on March 5, 1799. In 1812, his pay was $100, dollars per month and received 8 rations a day. In 1814 he was station to the Frigate Cuerriere. In 1818 to 1820 he was the President of the Navy board. In 1820 he was the Navy Commissioner. In 1822 he is shown as the President of the Navy board. In 1823 and 1824 he was shown the Navy Commissioner. In 1825-1827, he was commanding the Mediterranean Squadron. In 1828 through 1836, he was back as the President of the Navy board. My navy rosters don’t go beyond 1836.

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