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Colonel John Pattons Regiment 1777.

Authors Note. Names highlighted in red are those Killed, Green-wounded.

Colonel John Pattons Regiment.



Patton, John, January 11, 1777 ; resigned November, 1777.


Powell, Joseph, from captain, January 1, 1778; arranged in new


Powell, Joseph, promoted major, January 1,1778.

Keene, Lawrence, January 12,1777; transferred to new Eleventh.

Grubb, Peter, from Miles' battalion.

Dennis, John.

Claypoole, Abraham G., from captain lieutenant, June 10,1778; transferred to new Eleventh.

Captain Lieutenant.

Claypoole, Abraham G., promoted captain June 10,1778.


Patton, Willliam, killed at German town, October 4,1777.

Duff, Richard, from second lieutenant in Tenth Penn'a, April 18,
1777 ; a prisoner of war, and never joined. Jackson, Jeremiah, January 14,1777 ; transferred to new Eleventh.

Davis, Septimus, July 7, 1777; from Atlee's; transferred to new

Dunn, Abner M., from Second battalion ; aid-de-camp; transferred
to the Ninth Penn'a, May 31, 1779. Burke, Edward, October 4,1777 ; transferred to the new Eleventh.

Second Lieutenat.

Bradford, James, from the Ninth Penn'a, January, 1777; deputy quarter-master general in 1778.

Ensign. 'Weitzel, Jacob, ranking from April 2,1779; transferred to new Eleventh.

Surgeon. Davis, John, from Miles' battalion, March 1, 1777 ; quit service in April, 1779; died February 3,1816, aged seventy-one; buried in Tredyftetin Baptist church-yard, Chester county.

[The following officers, either of Hartley's or Patton's, were arranged in the new Eleventh, in January, 1779.]


Mahon, John, mnking from June 1, 1778.

McCurdy. William, ensign, ranking as second lieutenant, from November 19, 1778.

Ensigns. Morrison, Samuel, May 11,1777. Street, Benjamin, May 11, 1777; promoted lieutenant November 30, 1778. Pettigrew, James, June 1,1778.

Thornbury, Francis, October 2,1778.



Wilson, James, killed in action.

Teas, Alexander, killed in action.


Alexander, John, January 20, 1777.

Ashton, Isaac, Capt. Grubb's company.

Beatty, Peter, April 29, 1777.

Brim, Henry, May, 1777, Baker's company; transferred to Powell's company ; resided in Franklin county, 1820.

Brown, John, February 1, 1777.

Butler, William.

Carman, William, killed in action.

Cook, Jacob, January 23, 1777; wounded at Brandywine, in the right leg.

Cox, Thomas, Buck's company; wounded in the thigh, at Germantown.

Cunningham, Thomas, March 30,1777.

Dempsey, Lewis, killed in action.

Denny, John, February 25,1777.

Fees, Christian, killed in action.

Frost, James, February 2,1777.

Fultz, Frederick, Chester county, February 12,1777, in Capt. Dennis' company; captured April 25,1777 ; confined in New York sugar-house three years; lost one eye in captivity.

George, William, February 3,1777.

Gesseheimer, Peter, April 5,1777; servant of Andrew Groff.

Gilbert, John, April 10,1777.

Grimes, Daniel, April 5.1777.

Gouthrop, Samuel, January 27,1777.

Haines, John.

Harpole, Henry, March 11,1777.

Hawke, George, May 3,1777.

Himler, William, killed in action.

Jefferies, Benjamin, April 24,1777.

Kiseheimer, Peter, May 4,1777.

Koyl, Ludwig, March 26,1777.

McCevedy, Moses, killed in action.

Mannig, James, March 24, 1777.

Murphy, Dennis,' March 10,1777.

Nesbit, Alexander, killed in action.

Nightlinger, Samuel, February 3,1777.

Oldis, Robert, February 19,1777.

Rogers, Allan, March 13,1777.

Shaw, John, April 24,1777.

Shannon, Samuel, May 5,1777.

Struble, Nicholas, March 15,1777.

Stwart, John, wounded in the left arm, at Brandywine, September 11, 1777 ; transferred to Invalid corps.

Todd, James, April 1,1777.

Truby, Thomas, killed in action.

Welgar, (Welker,) Daniel, April 23,1777; wounded at Ash Swamp; discharged 1781 ; resided in Franklin county, 1806.

Watson, John, killed in action.

Williams, Thomas, killed in action.

Wooley, Thomas, killed in action.

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