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The Invasion Of New Haven Connecticut 1779.

Here are some depositions taken from three men that were at the invasion of New Haven Connecticut. I copied this information just as it was, for this reason there will be a lot of misspellings. However the information is interesting and readable.


Charles Ailing of New Haven of lawful age testify and say that I saw, examined, and assisted in burying Capt. John Gilbert, Asa Todd, Joseph Dorman, Sam1 Woodin, and Silas Woodin.—That Capt. Gilbert was shot thro' the knee, and then appeared to be killed with a club, as his head was very much bruised, and a club, bloody, lay upon him. — That no wound appeared upon Asa Todd except that he was pierced with a bayonet, once thro' the head, and twice thro' the body. — That Joseph Dorman had his thigh broken, just above his knee, but it appeared to me to have been done with a stone, which lay by him, bloody; and that he was pierced with bayonets once thro' the head and once thro' the body, but no other wound. — That Sam1 Woodin appeared to be shot thro' the body with a grape shot, and not otherwise wounded. — That 1 cannot say anything particularly as to wounds of Silas Woodin. And further saith not.

Charls Alling.

New Haven July 26 1779 Personally appeared Mr. Charles Ailing the above deponant and made solemn oath unto the truth of the foregoing deposition.

Before Saml Bishop J* Jus. of the Peace.

Elias Beers of lawfull age testifieth and says that he saw his father Nathan Beers late of Newhaven about 3 hours after he was wounded by the enemy on the 5th of July instant, and received from his mouth the following account of the treatment he received from the enemy, viz. That upon their entrance into town an officer mortally wounded near his fathers house was brought in and dressed there, whom his father assisted with bandages &c. for dressing his wound besides treating them with kindness and hospitality, for which the officer on his departure returned him thanks, and said he should not be hurt but protected for his kindness.

After this officer was carried away a party of soldiers came upon him as he was peacibly standing at his front door and charged him with firing out of his house, which he denied telling them he had not any arms in his house. He seeing by their motions they intended to murder him added You see I am an old infirm man. 1 am not able to do you any hurt, and have done nothing to oppose you, all I have is in your hands, why should you take away my life ? Unmoved by this remonstrance they snapt three pieces with fixed bayonets at his breast. One of the pieces only went off, which he struck down from his breast and the ball took place in his right hip and as he fell they were about to end his life with their bayonets but he beged to be spared, telling them he was mortally wounded.

This party then left him and went to plundering the house. After the loss of much blood he got to the bed, and in some measure stop the blood. Another party came in soon after, hauled him off the bed, demanded his money kicked and otherwise abused and insulted him and set his wound bleeding again, being deaf to all intreaties. Several parties one after another plundering and destroying his furniture and substance came at him with fixed bayonets insulting threatening and abusing him. Of these wounds, he languished and died on Saturday the 10th July instant in the 61st year of his age.
Elias Beees

New Haven July 26th, 1779, Personally appeared Mr. Elias Beers and made solemn oath unto the truth of the foregoing deposition.
Before Saml Bishop, J". Just, of the Peace.

Isaac Beers of lawfull age testifieth and saith that he agrees with what his brother Elias Beers has related in the foregoing deposition and further says that he himself was taken a prisoner from his own house, and that while he was a prisoner he heard General Garth tell Mr. Israel Wooden who was wounded and also a prisoner, that he was sorry his men had not killed him instead of making a prisoner of him, and that he would not have his men give quarter to one militia man taken in arms.
Isaac Beers

New Haven July 26th, 1779, Personally appeared Mr. Isaac Beers and made solemn oath to the truth of the foregoing deposition.
Before Saml Bishop Je Just, of the Peace.

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