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New Hampshire Regiments Of The 1700's

Authors note. Beside a lot of the names you will note another name, this is were their from.


The field and staff officers of this regiment, as organized in April, 1777, were as follows:

*Colonel, Alexander Scammell, Durham
*Lieut. Colonel, Andrew Coburn, Marlborough .
Major, Henry Dearborn, Nottingham .
Adjutant, Nicholas Gilman, Exeter .
Quartermaster, James Blanchard, Dunstable .
Paymaster, William Weeks, Jr., Greenland .
Surgeon, Ivory Hovey, Berwick, Me .
Chaplain, Nathaniel Porter, Durham .

*Colonel Scammell, was born 1747, he was a Teacher, Soldier, Patriot and taught the public school.

Colonel Scammell was appointed adjutant-general of the continental army in 1780, and held that position until September 30, of that year . when, being officer of the day at Yorktown, he was taken prisoner while reconnoitering the position of the enemy, and afterward barbarously wounded by them, from the effect of which he died October 6, 1781, at Williamsburg, Va., aged 33 years .

*Lieut. Col . Coburn was killed in the battle at Stillwater September 19, 1777.


The field and staff officers of this regiment, as organized in April, were as follows:

*Colonel, Nathan Hale, Rindge .
*Lieut. Col ., Winborn Adams, Durham
*Major, Benjamin Titcomb, Dover.
Adjutant, William Elliott, Exeter .
Quartermaster, Richard Brown, Unity .
Paymaster, Jerry Fogg, Kensington .
Surgeon, William Parker, Jr ., Exeter.
Surgeon 's Mate, Pelatiah Warren, Berwick .
Chaplain, Augustine Hibbard, Claremont .

*Colonel Hale was taken prisoner July 7, 1777, and died while a prisoner at Long Island, September 23, 1780.

*Lieut. Col . Adams was killed in the battle of September 19, 1777, at Bemis's Heights .

*Major Titcomb was severely wounded at Hubbardton, Vt., July 7, 1777.

Battle of Bunker’s Hill.

New Hampshire men, which is more than half of the American force that was actually engaged in the battle. In a letter to the Committee of Safety, dated June 23, 1775, Gen. Folsom stated that Col . Stark's regiment still consisted of thirteen companies ; but there is no evidence to show that he had any more with him in the battle than the ten mentioned above . It is stated by historians that there were three New Hampshire companies under the command of Col. Paul Dudley Sargent, of Amherst, which were sent forward too late for service, although Col . Sargent had during the day requested permission to join Stark and Reed. These may have been the other three of Stark's.

The following account of the killed and wounded is taken principally from an article prepared by Hon Geo . W . Nesmith, who spent considerable time in research .

Stark's Regiment Killed, 15.

Maj . Andrew M°Clary, Epsom.
Moses Poor
Capt. Isaac Baldwin, Hillsboro.
Thomas Collins
Henry Glover.
Geo. Shannon
James Reed, Henniker.
Wm. M'Crillis, Epsom.
John Manuel, Boscawen.
Caleb Dalton.
Reuben Kemp, Goffstown.
Wm. Mitchell, Concord
The three others are unknown.

Wounded, 45.

Randall M’Allister, Peterboro.
Geo. M°Lend, Peterboro.
John Graham, Peterboro.
Nathan Hoit, Pembrok.
J. Robinson, Pembroke.
John Simpson, Windham
Seth Cutter, Pelham
Martin Montgomery L'derry
Thomas Green Swanzey
Josiah Allen, Allenstown.
J. Broderick
Abner Gage, Pelham
Ephraim Kelley, Salem
Wm. Spalding, Brookline
John Cypher
Alexander Patterson, Henniker.
Jonathan Gilman, Deerfield .
Moses Trussell, Hopkinton .
Archibald M'Millan, New Boston .
Elias Rano, Salisbury.
Charles Rice, Surry.
Jacob Elliot.
William Smart.
Peter Johnson, Enfield.
Samuel Milliken .
Andrew M°Gafey, Sandwich.
Weymouth Wallace, Epsom.
Abraham Kimball, Henniker.
Peter Robinson, Amherst.
Daniel M`Grath, taken prisoner.
James Winn Richmond.
Andrew Aiken, Deering ?
R . B . Wilkins, Amherst.
John Hunter, New Boston.
Others unknown .

Reed's Regiment, Killed or mortally wounded, 15.

J. Patten.
Parker Hills, Candia.
Joseph Farwell-Charlestown.
James Hutchinson.
Isaac Adams, Rindge.
David Carleton.
John Davis, Chesterfield.
John Melvin.
John Cole Amherst
Geo. Carleton, Rindge.
Jona Lovejoy, Rindge.
B. Parker, Swanzey .
Jesse Lund, Dunstable.
Joseph Blood, Mason.
Ebnr. Blood Mason.

Wounded, 17.

John Varnum Candia.
Samuel Morrill, Candia.
Edward Waldo, Alstead
Joshua Ellis, Keene
Lem. Wentworth
Capt . Wm. Scott, Peterborough.
David Scott, Peterborough.
Asa Cram, Wilton.
Nathl Leavitt Hampstead.
John Thompson Rindge.
Jacob Wellman Lyndeborough.
Josiah Barton, Chichester ?
Josiah Walton Chesterfield.
Josiah Greeley.
*Paul Clogstone, Dunstable.
*Jonathan Gray, Wilton.
Others unknown .
*Died of their wounds.

Captain Reuben Dow's Co . Killed, 6.

Nathan Blood.
Peter Poor.
Phinehas Nevins.
Thomas Wheat.
Isaac Hobart.
Jacob Boynton.
*All of Hollis.

Wounded, 5.

Capt. Reuben Dow.
Ephraim Blood.
Francis Powers.
William Wood.
Thomas Pratt.
*All of Hollis.

Hollis Men in Capt. Mann's Co ., Prescott's Regiment.

Ebenezer Youngman, Killed.
Thomas Colburn, Killed.

Plaistow Men in Col. Frye's Regiment.

Simeon Pike, wounded.
James Pike, wounded..
Wm . Lowell, wounded.

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