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Tombstone Inscriptions- Frederick Co. Maryland 1700's

One can learn a lot by reading tombstone inscriptions they tell a lot about a person and the family. We should be thankful that these inscriptions were written down before time worn them away. The families that find a ancestor here will learn a lot about that ancestor. On this list you will find a lot of misspellings but they are understandable.

Authors note. You will read the inscription of a Sarah McPike, her tombstone states she was in the 6th, regiment but no one knows why, if you know the story I would like to hear about it.

Tombstone Inscriptions from the Original Church Yard of All Saints' Parish, Frederick, Maryland.

Alcock: "to the memory of [ George Alcock of the Nottinghamshire England Died Dec 30 1852 In the 76th year of his age I After a residence of about twenty years in this country A christian communicant of the P. E. Church "

Baer: "In memory of Charles D. Baer son of Jacob and Elizabeth Baer I died Sept. 5 1822"

Baker (?) : (Stone broken) " Baker .... Born-gth 1789 ¡ and departed this life May 5th 1798 "

Bartholow: "In memory of Prudence Isabella Daughter of j E. M. & M. J. Bartholow born April 8th 1811 died July 21 1811 Aged 3 months and 13 days "

Beall: "In memory of William Murdock Beall who died on the 5th of I November 1823 in the 82nd year of his age "

" In memory of Mary Ann Beall Daughter of W M Beall and Mary his wife who died on the 29th November 1817 in the 46th year of I her age "

"In memory of Mary Beall wife of William M Beall who died on the 26th I of April 1810 I in the 68th year of her Age "

Rebecca (Beall) Willson—see Willson, Thomas P.

Upton, Rev. and L.—see Ogle, Louisa.

Bishop: In memory of Mark Bishop who was born Sept 30 1786 I and died Oct 16, 1836 Aged 50 years, 16 days."

Blair: Mary True, daughter of Marbow Blair, Esq., of Charles Co.— (see True).

Boteler: "Sacred to the memory of Elias Boteler who was born I the 15th of September 1767 and departed this life the 14th of October I Anno Domini 1807 Aged 39 years 10 months and 29 days Ann Maria Boteler was born on the 5th of July 1806 and died 15th of October 1807 I In the midst of life we are in Death."

Boyd: "Inmemoriam Margaret Boyd que obyt quinto die Januarii 1774 I Aetatis que ano 25 Corpus cujus in spem resurrectionis benedicto his post- turnest Archibaldus Boyd Conjux ejus dolore affectus hoc monumentum confectavit."

Bradford: "In memory of William Ringgold Bradford the son of I William & Jane Bradford who died July 20th 1824 aged 15 months [ And of I Alexander Ringgold Bradford the son of William & Jane Bradford who departed this life July 4 1825 Aged 10 months Sleep soft sweet babes, no dreams disturb your rest Your spirits flew from pure I spotless breasts Sleep then sweet innocents nor do you dread f The surging storm that threatened o'er your head "

Butler: "Here Lyeth the body of Elizabeth Butler who departed I this life October Anno Domini 1753 Aged 48 years "

"In I Memory of Tobias Butler Died 15th April 1815 AE 68 his granddaughter Elizabeth Houston daughter of s F & Agnes Houston I died 18 Nov 1816 "

Campbell: "Sacred to the memory of William Campbell who was born August 8th 1756 & died Sept 11, 1821 His character Is drawn in the xxlx chapter of Job And His name It is humbly hoped I and believed will appear at the last day recorded in some I page of the book of Life Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord "

Dorsey: "In memory of Joshua Dorsey who departed this life November 15, 1848 Aged 57 years The noblest work of God j An honest man "

" In memory of Alexander Fridge son of Ely and Sarah Dorsey who departed this life Jany 24 1827 Aged 2 years 11 months & 3 days "

Eastburn: "Sacred to the memory of I Dr. Edward R. Eastburn I who departed this life October 22nd, 1821 Aged 19 years, 10 months I and 7 days It is finished said his dying breath Again he said I fear not death Oh let me mount and soar away To the bright world of I endless day."

GoLDSBOROUGH: "Sacred To the Memory of Eliza Margaret daughter of Edward & Margaret Goldsborough who departed this life I July 25th 1834 I Aged 18 months."

Hanson: See Wilson, Alexander B. & Susan W. Hanson.

Hardesty: "In memory of Richard Hardesty son of John S & Eleanor D Hardesty of Charles County, Md who was born Nov 30th 1809 I and departed this life Jan 25th 1830 Aged 20 years."

Harper: "Mariah Harper Born Dec 23, 1806 Died Oct ist, 1884 Aged 77 years 9 months and 8 days "

Harrison: "October 1841 H. F. Harrison Lieut in the Navy of the U. S. I Feb 16 1806 Aged 36 years "

Henderson: "In Memory of Lucy Henderson Consort of Robert Henderson who departed this transitory life on the 29th of June in the year of our Lord 1814 Aged 35 years "
Houston: See Butler,Tobias.

Howard: "Departed this life March 7 1844 Margaret Howard in the 65th year of her age "

Johns: "In memory of Mary Lavinia daughter of Revd. Henry V.D.& I Lavinia Johns Born 20th of Feby 1831 Died Deer 16th 1832."

" In memory of John Henry son of the Revd John & Juliana Johns I Born 29th of April 1827 I Died July 6th 1829."

Johnson: "In memory of Col James Johnson of Springfield who died on the 3d day of December 1809 in the 74th year of his age "

"In memory of Mrs Margaret Johnson Consort of Col. James Johnson who departed this life on the 3d day of September 1813 Aged 64 years I "

"Here lies Miss Rebecca Johnson the dear beloved and only Daughter of Col James Johnson who died in the nineteenth year of her age A D 1797 "

"Thomas Johnson Nov 4, 1732 Oct 26, 1819 The first Governor of I the State of Maryland 1777 to 1779 "

"Thos W. Johnson M.D. died April 30th 1847 In the 54th year of I his Age I "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" "

"On this spot affection drops a tear to the memory of Mrs Elizabeth Johnson only daughter of Joshua and Jane Dorsey, and wife of Doct. Thomas W. Johnson who on the 20th day of March 1829 I fell a-sleep in the arms of Jesus, in the 52nd year of her age And also I in memory of her infant Son Thomas A. Johnson who departed this life Febr nth 1825 aged 19 months ¡"

"Sacred To the memory of William H. Johnson Second Son of I D. T. W. & Elizabeth Johnson who departed this life Jany 5th 1846 I in the 25th year of his age How short the race our I son has run I Cut down in all his bloom The course but yesterday ) begun Now finished in the Tomb "

"Sacred To the memory of Jane Catharine oldest daughter of Thos W & Elizabeth Johnson who departed this life on the 19th day of Septr 1852 I in the 17th year of her age Hear what the voice from I Heaven declares To those in Christ who die Relieved from all their Earthly cares They'll reign with him on high ' '

Jones: "In memory of William, son of Thomas W. & Virginia J. Jones I Born Sept 10, 1847 Died Jany 23, 1848 Aged 4 months & 13 days I also Henry Clay son of Thomas W. & Virginia J. Jones Born Aug 13, 1844 I Died May 18, 1850 Aged 5 years 9 months & 5 days Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God "

*Mcpike: "Here lyeth the Body of Sarah McPike 6th Regt who Departed This Life the 28 Jany 1781 aged 38 yrs A wife most kind, Gentle, I Deer, A faithful friend that Lyeth Here (Compass and square) ] My days was spent my glass was run О Children deer , prepare to come "*

Malambre: "Sacred To the memory of George Malambre Born July 5, 1804 I departed this life March II, 1845 Aged 40 years, 8 mo I and 6 days "

"Sacred j to the memory of Rachel Malambre consort of George Malambre who departed this life Feb 17, 1843 Aged 34 yrs 11 months I and 17 days Lord I commit my soul to thee Accept the sacred trust Receive this nobler part alone And watch my sleeping dust Г

Marshall: "In Memory of Miss Chloe Marshall who departed this life I The ist of May 1807 Aged 39 years 4 months & 23 days Thus when the night of death did come My flesh shall rest beneath the ground And wait thy voice to rouse my tomb With sweet salvation I in the sound "

Maulsby: "Mrs Sarah Maulsby wife of Dr. David I. Maulsby Born Feby 24 1807 I Died Jany 2 1880 in the 73rd year of her age Requiescat in pace "

" Israel Davidson first son of Wm. P. & Emily C. T. Maulsby who died Feb 14th 1837 Aged 4 months & 11 days And of Elizabeth Harrison ¡ daughter of Wm. P. & Emily С. T. Maulsby who died July 12th 1838 I Aged 4 months & 11 days All thats sweet was made But to be lost when sweetest "

Mayhew: "Here Lieth the Body of Joseph Mayljew who was born at Hartwell in North Hamptonshire in the kingdom of Great Britain and who departed this life 1763 1"

Neill: "In memory of Elizabeth Neill Wife of John Neill Merchant I Daughter of Thomas and Jane Lang who departed this life April 3d 1786 I Aged 20 years also James Neill who departed this life I January 28th 1787 Aged 10 months and also James Neill who departed this life March 1788 Aged 5 months."

"Sarah the late consort of Thomas Neill, Merchant I and Daughter of I The Revd Hugh Neill Aug 4, 1775 Aged 18 yrs f Since beauty, and useful acquirements Could not ward off the early stroke Well we may conclude That Heaven intends the virtuous soul For nobler purposes I Than to be for years distinguished on this fluctuating stage."

*"The copy appears exactly as the stone is inscribed. What her connection with the '6th Regt' was I do not know, nor why the Masonic emblems were used on her stone"—E. H.

Nelson: "In memory of Gen Roger Nelson who died on the 7th June 1815 I Aged 56 years He lived more for his country than for himself. He was engaged amongst others, in the battles of Eutaw, Guilford, I Camden and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at YorkTown: He bore upon his body the scars of sixteen wounds received during the Revolutionary War. Many years of the af lerpart of his life were spent in both branches of the Legislature of Maryland and in the Congress of the U. S. and in his declining years he served I as one of the Judges of the 6th Judicial district of M. D. As a husband and Father is held in most affectionate remembrance "

"To the Memory of Mrs Eliza Nelson widow of General Roger Nelson I who departed this life on the 23d day of March 1855 Aged 81 years "

"Sacred To the memory of Harriott Love Nelson who died Aug. 15th 1823 I Aged 8 months & 7 days and her sister Frances Columbia Nelson I who died March 22nd 1832 Aged 23 months & 6 days daughters of I John & Frances Harriott Nelson The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord"

" In memory of Frederick youngest son of Roger & Eliza Nelson who died Jan 27th 1823 Aged 19 years & 3 months He was distinguished I alike for nobleness of heart and for superiority mind and even in the buoyancy and carelessness of youth gave flattering promises of a manhood full of glory, of honour and of worth. He was a dutiful son and affectionate brother "

Ogle: "Louisa Ogle daughter of Rev Upton & L. Beall born Dec 6 I 1838 I died July 2 1839 "

Parrot: "In Memory of Mary Parrot who was born in England & died at Mr. Ross's in this Town on the 26th of Jany A. D. 1818 Aged 74 I yrs "

Pigman: "In memory of W. P. Pigman who died 23d August I 1815 Aged Nineteen months In the morn of life God was pleased to take him from the evil to come "

" In memory of Ann Pig M who Died in December In the 75th years of Her Age Her Evening closed in Peace "

Price: "James G. Price died Aug 14, 1834 In the 27th year of his Age I A native of Cathel County of Tipperary Ireland Erected by his brother Wm. G. Price.

Saunders :

Sherwood: "Cemented by Love (Compass and square) Wm. Saunders died Octr 18th 1827 Aged 41 years also Abm Sherwood died April 5th 1829 Aged 42 years Natives of England "
Shanks: "In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Shanks who departed this life I February the 15th 1825 this stone was erected by her friend "
Snyder: "In memory of Alexander Snyder Son of Doctr & Rachel Snyder born Augst 29th A D 1797 Departed this life Deer 19th Aged 3 mo I & 21 Days "

Springer: " In the memory of William Springer , who died Nov 22 1804 I Aged 6 months 2 weeks Fond affections nere could save A beautiful infant from the grave."

Stayman: "Laura V Daughter of G F & R A Stayman died 19th March 1841 I in the 6th year of her Age "

Tannehill: "In Memory of Verlenda Tannehill who died on the 15th March I 1818 I in the 77th year of her age daughter of William & Mary Tannehill "

Thomson: "In Memory of Peter U. Thomson of St Marys County I Died Augt 29th 1825 Aged 38 years."

True: "In memory of Mary True Daughter of Marbow Blair Esq of I Charles County, Md. formerly of Glasgow, Scotland She died as she had always lived in the confidence of a certain faith, in the comfort of a reasonable and holy hope, in favor with God and in perfect charity with the world Feb 4, 1818."

Truscott: "In memory of Alexr Truscott who died April 10, 1840 I Ages 53 years 4 mo and of his wife Cate Truscott who died April 15th 1840 I Aged 55 years 5 mo Natives of England Honora Patrem et matrem tuum "

Tyler: "to the memory of John Tyler a distinguished Physician & Surgeon I who was born on the 29th of June 1763 and died Oct 15, 1841 I "

"Catharine Contée wife of Dr. John Tyler died September 17, 1831 I Aged 61 years This tribute to worth and virtue is erected by her affectionate and afflicted husband."

Vernon: "Emma H. Vernon Daughter of Nathaniel and Charlotte I Aug 19, 1829 I Aged 15 months "

Wilson: "In memory of Margaret Wilson daughter of Alexander В & Susan W. Hanson who died Augt. 22nd 1833 Aged 15 months I 22 days"

Willson: "Thomas P. Willson was born April 6th 1768 and died Deer 26th 1832 Aged 64 years 8 months & 20 days "

"In memory of Rebecca Willson Wife of Thomas Willson & Daughter of William M & Mary Beall who died on the ist of October 1807 I in the 32d year of her age "

Wolfenden: "Sacred to the memoryof John Wolfenden A native of the County Down Ireland who departed this life on the 16th of May 1807 I Aged 41 years As a husband, Father and Friend He was equalled by few eminently possessed Goodness, Mildness and Christian Patience he His short and blameless life was an uniform preparation for a Better World."

(?) "Frederick Elsw-orth re the 7th June 1827 the 29th year of I His Age."

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