Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jenkin Llyod Jones.

Here is a very interesting and unusual picture as it shows three phases of a mitilary career.  His name is Jenkin Llyd Jones, and was a private in the Wisconsin 6th., Battery, Light Artillery. 

The first picture was taken just after he enlistment in August 14, 1862.  The second was taken in Memphis in 1863, and the third was taken just after he was mustered out, July 18, 1865.

Jenkin L. Jones.
Taken around 1914.

Jenkin, was the third Jenkin to be a preacher.  His father was a Hatter-farmer, he made hats for the local markets during the winter, tilling his little ten acer farm in the summer.  The family came from Wales, they reached Wisconsin about May of 1845, they took up roots about forty miles from Milwaukee.  His father paid $1.20, per acer, he had little money and by the time he bought a yoke of oxen and two cows, he only had $5, dollars left to start his new life.  Mr. Jenkin's built a small log house and within it lived Mr. Jenkin's his wife and six children.  They lived there for the next twelve years, in that time four more children were born.
This was just a little short, if you would like to learn more of his family life and his military career he wrote a book called; ( An Artilleryman's Diary ), By Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Pub. 1914.  This book can be found and read on line. 

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