Tuesday, March 20, 2012

William H. Hill.

"Major" Hill, as the boys called him, was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1837.  He enlisted in Company A., "Hickory Guards," as it was termed before it became a part of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment.  He served faithfully as a soldier, performing satisfactorily every duty assigned to him during the four years struggle, and in accordance with the last "General Orders" issued by that illusrious hero, General Jos. E. Johnston, he then returnd to his home and made as good a citizen as he had as a soldier.

In 1865 he married Miss Katherine J. Ewing, of Kemper County, Mississippi, to whom were born five children Viz:, W. T. Hill of Denison Texas; Medora C., Albert E., and Murry Hill of Omaha Neb., and Louis B. Hill of Nashville, all of whom, with their mother survive.  William H. Hill died in the city of Nashville, May 10, 1881.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thats my great great granddad! Stumbled on this doing some genealogy searches on google. There is a story about William H. that I am sure changed a few times. Best I can recall from what I heard is that he was injured during the Civil War and was rescued by a man named McMurry. He named his son McMurry Hill, or Murry for short. My father, myself and my son share the same middle name, MacMurray(although I think we have spelled it wrong). I am wondering if the Dr. McMurry who I think was in the same publication of this text is the one we are named after. Anyway, if anyone has further info, especially on his wife Catherine, please email me at billmachill@yahoo.com.

William MacMurray Hill, II