Sunday, March 18, 2012

William Harrison Bullard of Oakham, Massachusetts.

William Harrison Bullard, was born April 22, 1840, in Oakham, Massachusetts, his father was Joel Bullard, born October 7, 1796, son of Silas, a soldier in the recvolutionary war.  Silas was the son of Jonathan Bullard and was born in Weston, May 24, 1746.

William H. Bullard, was a farmer and living on the Silas Bullard place at Oakham.  When he was twenty-one he enlisted in the Massachusetts 25th., Infantry, Company B, September 2, 1861, would later re-enlist into the same regiment but was now in Company H.  He was recorded as being missing or thought died June 3, 1864, at cold Harbor.

In fact at cold Harbor he was severely wounded falling among the living and the dead as the line went down before that fatal fire on three sides of the Angle into which the charge was made.  Bullard could not cover himself, and was shot to death lying on the ground between the lines, his companions unable to help him.

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