Friday, July 27, 2012

George Middleton Third Indiana Cavalry.

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I pick George Middleton, becouse of his face he looks so young.  There is not a lot of information on him.  But I felt that those of his family line who have no pieture of him would like to have one.  If any one has information on him and would like to see it posted here drop me a line, and I will be glad to have it.

George Middleton - Civil War.

Age: 17.
Date Enrolled: 1862/02/26.
Where Enrolled: Madison, Indiana.
Regiment: 45.
Company: E. Cavalry/ Battery Unit: 3rd Cavalry.
Notes: Transferred to Co. B, Reorg. Recruit.
Side notes.  Brith between 1845 & 46.  Brith place Massachusetts.  Residence Jefferson, Madison Township, Indiana.

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Jim Goecker said...

George Middleton was captured in August 1863 after fighting at
Gettysburg and was imprisoned on Belle Isle intil March 1864. After he returned home, he joined a traveling circus in 1865 and never looked back. Traveled around the world. Hired Harry Houdini, ran dime theaters. A true showman. died in California in 1926. Was instrumental in the building of a monument to the 3rd Indiana Cavalry in his hometown, Madison, IN. Truly an interesting life.