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Gilbert Armstrong, Indiana 58th., Infantry.

Was mustered in with the Regiment at Camp Gibson, and was with the Regiment until the battle of Chickamauga, when he was severely wounded. After the completion of his three years' term of service, he returned to his former home in Dubois county. His death occurred several years after.  The gun shown in the cut is the Henry rifle, presented to him by some of his friends in the Regiment, for bravery shown in the battle of Stone River.

The following was taken from the 58th., Regimental History.

Of Company E, Sergeant Gilbert Armstrong, a famous sharpshooter, who sported a Henry rifle, was severely wounded in the shoulder. The historv of this man is full of thrilling interest. He was in the Mexican war. He was a Western steamboatman in the meantime. His rifle was a present from his fellow soldiers. When he was wounded he gave his rifle to Lieutenant H. J. Barnett, of Companv F. I must not omit to drop a tear to the memory of "Grant," a celebrated fighting cock, belonging to the old sharpshooter. He had long rode in the ambulance to the exclusion of weary men's knapsacks and the annoyance of the sick. He was a great terror to mv mare, who alwavs passed him on double quick. He was appropriately left on the battlefield. When he could be seen no more he was heard to crow. Poor rooster, I fear nay, hope he was eaten bv some hungry soldiers on that fatal frosty night.

Civil War Card.

Name: Gilbert Armstrong.
Date Enrolled: 1861/10/13.
Where Enrolled:Jasper, Indiana.
Discharge Date:1865/01/
Notes: Corporal. Promoted Sergeant June 30 1863. Terrell Volume 5 Page 659. Resident of Ireland. Mustered out November 11 1864. Mustered out Savanah, GA. No day given on discharge

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