Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Men And Women Who Married More Then Once.

Have you ever wondered if your Great-G-G-Grand father or Grand mother had been married onec before.  Then maybe you knew, but didn't know their names.  Now maybe you can.  On this page you will find many men and women who were married more then once.  This information come from many official document.  I have only taken the names from these documents, but if you would like to see the document it will be given upon request.

James Sutherland, wife Rebecca, formerly Rebecca Parkerson.

Keziah Pritchett, formerly widow of David Moore.

Amelia Fish, formerly widow of Nathaniel Stowell.

Nancy Terry, formerly widow of John Davis.

Sarah Adams, formerly widow of John Green.

Mary Reed formerly widow of Francis Ryan.

William Besly, wife Sarah (?), Besly, now married to Doctor Henry Adams.

William Slavin, wife Parmelia, who is now married to John Blue.

Nancy M. Gunsally, formerly wido of Lyman M. Richmond.

Nathaniel Alward or Alwood, first wife Petesy Freeman, second wife Margaret S. Van Arsdale.

Bishop Ames, first wife Almire Ticknor, second Isabell C. Curtis.

Joseph Ames, first wife, Rubie Marithew, second Elizabeth Kingsbury and third Dorathy Berry.

Abraham Anderson, first wife Elizabeth McMullen, second Elizabeth Mattox.

Charles Anderson, first wife Ellen Smoot, second Mary Jetton and third Martha J. Burge.

George Baker, first wife Mildred Lipscord, second Mary Wade.

Lester Baker, first wife Sibyl House, second Margarett Odell.

Samuel Baker, first wife Sarah H. White, second Sally Howland.

John Barnett, first wife Mary Warnack, second Polly Barker.

Thomas Barnett, first wife Nancy Kigg, second Elizabeth Davis.

Smith Benedict, first wife Anna Brown, second Catherine Roberts and third Hannah Bush.

William Benson, first wife Catherine Shell, second Sarah E. Parker.

Alexander Briggs, first wife Nancy Jones, second Rebecca Williams.

William Britt, first wife Anna Barnett, second Polly Pruffy and third wife Moaning Bishop.

James Campbell, first wife Rachael Hazelwood, second Charlotte Dardie.

John Campbell, first wife Mary Lewis, second Catharine Dove.

Robert Caples, first wife Eleanor Tracy, second Nancy Davis.

Edward Crosson, first wife Hannah Borroughs, second Orpha Stearns.

Joseph Crouch, frist wife Jerusha De Hart, second Margaret S. Lattimer.

Andrew D. Crow, first wife Betsy King, second Milly Brown.

Joseph Easter, first wife Mary Smith, second Lucretia Evans.

Jesse Eastman, first wife Sally Wyman, second Lydia McMurphy.

Thomas S. Easton, first wife Abigal G. Mart, second Elizabeth C. Smith.

William Fair, first wife Jemima Jones, second Nancy Chapman and third wife Martha M. Wilson.

Benjamin Fairchild, first wife Mary Budd, second Mary J. Johnson.

Daniel Farnham, first wife Priscella Brackett, second Maria Witham and third wife Sally W. Wiggin.

Samuel Fleck, first wife Hannah Scoutler, second Sarah Bovard.

Carr Fleming, first wife Sally Spcer, second Martha M. Montagoe.

Aquilla Gilbert, first wife Elizabeth Hewitt, second Rachel Farmer.

John Gilbert, first wife Mary Porter, second Mary Deitz.

Charles Gillum, first wife Phoebe Spillman, second Polly Newgent.

John W. Gookin, first wife Elizabeth Smith, second Mary Hamilton.

Samuel Harry, first wife Lucy Ann Fowler, second Mary Ann Manor.

Cyrus Haymond, first wife James Somerville, second Mary Carpenter.

David Haynes, first wife Sally Halsey, second Maria Osborn.

William Healy, first wife Lavina Hall, second Sophia Norton.

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