Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aunt Milly Fox, slave.

Rev. Albert Theodore Goodloe, M. D.  was a First lieutenant in the 35th., Co. D., Alabama Infantry, later after the war he wrote book which h e told all about his life growning up in the South.  His book has got a lot of attention from his ancesors. But there is one other person in the book who he talks about very kindly. Her name is Aunt Milly Fox.  Those of her family line may want to know more about their ancestor.  To find out more about Milly one only has to read the book by Albert Theodore Goodloe called ( Confederate Echoes, A Voice From The South------) its a long title but this all you will need.  This book can be found and read on the internet.

Aunt Milly Fox
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It is not stated when this picture was taken, but at the age of 50, she was worth $800. Her husband name was Harry, who died in 1858, they had 12 children together two would died in infancy, three of her children were:  Stephen, Sawney and Harriet.  Sometimes lived on the Calvin Plantation and on the Robert Goodloe's Plantation.

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