Monday, August 13, 2012

Chaplain, Rev. Joseph Sergeant.

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Joseph Sargent was born in Warren, N. H., about 1817. Prepared for the ministry under the tuition of the Rev. S. H. Davis, his first pastorate being in Sullivan County of his native State. Came to Barnard, Vt, where he remained two or three years,then became pastor of the church in Barre, Vt, in 1848, and during his pastorate there he took a leading part In the social exercises of the town, formation of a town library and raising money and building a new church edifice in 1852. Represented the town two years in the legislature. Resigned in 1857 and became pastor of the church in Plainfield, Vt., and after two years service there, desiring better facilities for educating his children, he removed to Williston, Vt., and became pastor of the church there about 1859. The Rev. Joseph Sargent was a person of strong and forceful speech, fine address, of a kind and sympathetic nature, patriotic and ready to defend his country in its hours of peril. Enlisted from Williston, Vt. under the call of August 4, 1862,  and helped to organize the Richmond Company, September 10, 1862, was mustered into the service of the United States, October 10, 1862 as Chaplain of the 13th Vermont Volunteer Infantry. Died at the "Mansion House" Camp Carusi near Occoquan, Va., April 20, 1863 of typhoid fever with burial at Enfield, N. H., leaving a wife and four children to mourn their loss.

Authors note.  It is noted that on the 22nd, his was taken to Washington by Captain Bostwick, so his body could be sent home to Williston Vermont.

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