Friday, August 03, 2012

Coley Jordan.

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Coley Jordan, of D. Cmpany was of the youngest members of Mosby's famous Partisan Rangers Forty-third Virginia Battalion Cavalry. Lieut. W. Ben Palmer, one of the bravest and most dashing young officers of that celebrated band of peerless Virginia cavalier, thus speaks of Jordan: "1 rember Coley Jordan when he first came to our command. He was then a mere boy: but it was not long before he made himself known. He was always eager for the fray, and as fearless and brave as the bravest. Col. Mosby soon saw what there was in Jordan, and whenever any special detail was made for dangerous or hazardous undertakings Coley was always selected to be one of the party. He followed Mosby till the last, and was one of the eight who heard Col. Mosby's last commands as that gallant and dishing Ranger gave up the light and bade the few who yet remained with him farewell, and thus disbanded the forty-third Virginia Battalion."

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