Friday, August 03, 2012

Cumberland Last Few Minutes.

This little short well give you a little idea on what it may have been like to be on the Clmberland in her last few minutes.
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The " Cumberland"  kept up her fire the enemy returned it, their shells inflicting death on all sides.
Those who had escaped from below were decimated by the merciless shot and shell poured into them by the enemy as they stood crowded together on the spar deck. There is little generosity or sentimentality in war: the object is to kill and wound, and this was too favorable an opportunity to be neglected. In the absence of Com.
Radford, Lieut. George N. Morris was in command of the "Cumberland," and his heroism inspired his crew to the deeds which they performed on that eventful day. Of the ' ' Cumberland's " crew one hundred and twenty up a rapid fire until driven by the water from the lower deck guns, when they retreated to the upper deck and continued to fight the pivot guns till the "Cumberland " went down with her colors still flying.


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