Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Franklin A. Taulman, 32nd. Texas.

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Here is a war-time picture of F. A. Taulman, of Hubbard City, Tex., taken just after he enlisted in the Confederate army, in 1861. He was a member of Company G, Thirty-Second Texas Dismounted Cavalry, Ector's Brigade. He went to Fayetteville, Ark., in September of 1861, and joined Gen. Ben McCulloch's escort at Camp Jackson. He was with McCulloch until that general's death, at Elkhorn (Pea Ridge). He was captured at Blakely, Ala., on April 9, 1865, the day of Lee's surrender, with the whole garrison, and sent to Ship Island, where he had a taste of discipline as dispensed by big buck negroes with bayonets and Yankee uniforms. Fortunately he did not have to stay a great while, release coming on May 6, 1865.

Comrade Taulman was the recipient of a cross of honor bestowed by the Daughters of the Confederacy of Hubbard City some time since. The father of this comrade was an ultra Unionist. In a letter to a friend during the crucial period of this country he states: "My second son, Francis, who went to Texas in June, i860, I have not heard from since the mail communication was cut off last July. I advised him to come home in my last two letters to him, as I expected trouble there ; but he seemed to think there was no danger, and stayed too long to be able to get away." It would be dificcult to imagine the elder Taulman's thoughts when he afterwards learned that when he wrote this letter his son was a Confederate soldier

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