Friday, September 14, 2012

George S. Walker, 99th., Indiana Infantry.

Age 30.
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Age 48.
LIEUTENANT GEORGE S. WALKER, Born September 30, 1832, on Little Mountain, Hardy county, Virginia. His father brought him to Tippecanoe county, Indiana, when he was 3 years of age, and dying soon after, the boy was reared by an uncle, Smith Marques, of whom he says: "He was the best man I ever knew." George became a farmer and married in 1853. Located near the Battle Ground, Indiana, where he was when he enlisted in August, 1862, and was elected and commissioned 2d lieutenant of Company F. Was in all the campaigns of the regiment until the battle of Atlanta, July 22d, where he was severely wounded in the hand, and being taken with the fever soon after, he was unable to rejoin his regiment until after the "march to the sea," and was honorably discharged by the war department, February 4, 1865. After the war, lived fourteen years in Illinois, and says: "I made money and lost it by going security for friends.  In 1880 went to Cherokee Nation and engaged in the cattle business for sixteen years. Now resides on a farm near Moran, Kansas. The changes of Comrade Walker are marked by three pictures. The one on this* page in 1862 at 30 years, the one on page 107 in 1880 at 48 years, and the one on page 19 in 1900, aged 68 years.
Age 68.
Authors note.  More can be found on hid family.  By going to the site of Find a Grave.

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